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Archive Release Notes for WISEdata and Related Applications

Archive Release Notes for WISEdata and Ed-Fi Applications

For Release Notes prior to those listed here, refer to the Historical Release Notes page.

Release Notes from 5/30/2024

WISEdata Portal Updates

WISEdata: Changes to WISEdata Portal Data Quality Screen

One new change is in the Validation Message Summary section. An information icon has been added to the ‘Total Students’ graphic. This information button provides details on how the total number of students is calculated. It reads, “TOTAL STUDENTS count includes all past and present attendees at the LEA for the school year.”

The other change to the Data Quality screen is in the Data Quality Indicators section. Modifications have been made to the Attributes drop-down menu for Choice schools. Choice schools will no longer see the following attributes:

  • Enrollment – Oct 1
  • Discipline

WISEdata: Student Demographic Export

Column W on this export displays Migrant status. The column itself is staying the same. What is changing is the source that feeds the data into that column of this Export. The source for this data is being changed to the Student Education Organization Association resource, as this aligns with the data received from MIS2000.

  • 'True' will display when there is an active SMEPA record, determined by checking the [Eligibility Expiration Date] to ensure it falls within the current school year.
  • Otherwise, the column will remain blank.
  • In cases where a student has multiple SMEPA records, data will display corresponding to the most recent record by checking the Latest Eligibility Expiration Date.

This change will become active with the 2024-25 school year. For more information, please visit the Migrant Status data element page.

WISEdata: Bug Fix on Certified/Non-Certified Career Education Programs Export

Column M, Certificated Program Status,’ was missing from the export. The bug fix is complete, and all columns are now appearing as expected in this export.

WISEdata Portal Bug Fix: Agency Contacts, Vendor Missing

Not all vendors were being displayed on the WISEdata Portal Agency Contacts screen. This was occurring for Choice schools and State schools. The bug fix is complete, and all vendors are now appearing as expected.

WISEdata Portal Bug Fix: Home Screen, Vendor Missing

The WISEdata Portal Home screen was not properly displaying vendor information as ‘tiles’ on the WISEdata API Transaction, Vendor/WISEdata Communication Status section. The bug fix is complete, and all vendors are now appearing as expected.

Ed-Fi Updates

Ed-Fi: New Claim Set for Public School SIS Vendors

A new claim set was created for the 2023-24 school year and beyond. This will allow for better communication between primary student information system (SIS) vendor tools, and specialty SIS vendor tools (e.g., discipline and special education).

Release Notes from 4/30/2024

WISEdata Portal Updates

WISEdata Portal: Redesigned Profile Dropdown Menu

The Profile dropdown menu on the WISEdata Portal has been redesigned with some upgrades. Different options appear on the dropdown menu depending on the LEA type, public school, or Choice school.

The dropdown menu is separated into two sections, with a horizontal line through the middle to differentiate functions for users. Items above the horizontal line are clickable items. Information below the horizontal line is not clickable.

All agency types see the same extended information in the top, clickable section of the profile dropdown menu:

  • Change Agency (for DPI Staff only)
  • Contacts and Acknowledgments (formerly the “Contact” option). The current information will be displayed in all years as this information is not specific to any particular year.
  • Agency Contacts
  • Logout

The extended information for public schools (below the horizontal line) is:

  • User name
  • Agency name
  • LEA ID
  • LEA Code
  • Carl Perkins District: True or False. “N/A” will display if the LEA has not set their status. This value is updated dynamically, based on the school year. The current value for this indicator is also displayed on the Home screen, the Alert screen, and on the Message Center screen.

The extended information for Choice schools (below the horizontal line) is:

  • School name – location/city
  • All Student Report Card: Opt-In or Opt-Out status. This value is updated dynamically, based on the school year.
  • LEA ID
  • LEA Code

WISEdata Portal: School Year Banner, Adjusted

The hovering school year banner in the WISEdata Portal has been relocated. No longer in the center of the screen, the School Year banner within WDP has been moved to the top panel, on the right side, near the Agency login information. Also, the school year banner is now text within the top menu, so the banner no longer obstructs other menu items. To help it stand out from the other menu items, the school year still appears as white text with a green box.

WISEdata Portal: Alert Banner, Adjusted

The orange “Alert” banner that spans the top of the WISEdata Portal screen to inform LEAs about merged WISEids now has a “Learn More” button added to it. Now, not only will LEAs be made aware of the important alert, they will also be able to click the “Learn More” button which will open a KBA instructing them how to address the problem.

WISEdata Portal: New Tag, “Unresolvable”

A new Validation tag is available on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen, when using the Tags feature. The new tag is “Unresolvable.” This Tag can only be added or removed by a user with the Agency Role. Users should be able to select the “Unresolvable” Tag along with all other Tags from the existing list. Users can remove the tag when it is no longer needed. A date/time stamp will be created when this Tag is added, and any Comments connected to this Tag will also be saved.

Here is some context for when the Unresolvable Tag should be used:

  • Sometimes there are errors that, due to a unique scenario or circumstances, can't be resolved by the LEA. One such example is that state law requires public schools to offer a world language (WL) class to grades 7-12 but exempts charter schools. The WDP validation logic can't exclude throwing the error for the district charter schools. Therefore, the charter schools are correct in not offering the WL course but also cannot clear the error. The “Unresolvable” Tag allows the charter school staff working in WDP to know that someone reviewed the error and knows that it is unresolvable. This also communicates to the other staff within the charter school that no one needs to spend more time working on it.

WISEdata Portal: New "Snapshot Focused” Validation Filter

Also on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen, a new filter option is available for narrowing the results of an LEA's validations. Along with the Errors and Warnings filters, a new “Snapshot focused” box can be clicked. This will allow LEAs to know which validations require the most attention as they prepare their data for snapshots. When the checkbox is selected, validation messages linked with an upcoming snapshot date will appear. Messages concerning the Fall Snapshot will be visible from June to December, while those related to the Spring Snapshot will be shown from January to May.

WISEdata Portal: New "CTE Department” Label on School Roster Panel

In alignment with the new nomenclature of CTE Department (Program Area), this nomenclature will also appear on the Roster screen in WISEdata Portal on the School Roster Panel. Specifically, this data element will appear under the Section Details header, next to Clusters.

Ed-Fi Updates

Ed-Fi Credential Application


Release Notes from 4/16/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata: Message Center Updates

The Message Center screen on the WISEdata Portal has improved some communication for users to help them get started using the Message Center. Users can now read a short description of what the Message Center can do. Users will also find a hyperlink to the Message Center Mini Tutorial, which provides much more in-depth directions on how to use.  

For example, the Message Center Mini Tutorial provides details on what information is required in order to send a message. If this content isn’t fully provided, the ‘Send’ button will remain grayed out and the message can’t be sent.

The message center page will be available for LEAs on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

WISEdata: Validation Tags Updates

The Tags feature has an updated feature. When an LEA user clicks the "Delete" button within the comments/notes pop-up window, a confirmation prompt is now displayed. The confirmation message reads, "Are you sure you want to delete this comment/note entry? This action cannot be undone."

WISEdata: Updates for CTE Definitions on Exports

The CTE Department definition is being added to the Course Export and the CTE Participant Export.

The definitions are as follows:

  • CTE Department definition on the Courses export:
    • Serves as a reference for school districts in determining CTE courses. The CTE department typically includes various sub-disciplines or pathways, each focusing on a specific area of career and technical education. Courses with a specific CTE Department must be instructed by a licensed CTE educator in the specific discipline, e.g. Agriculture and Natural Resources Education.
  • CTE Department definition on the CTE Participants export:
    • Indicates the CTE Department the LEA has chosen for the reported course. The CTE department typically includes various sub-disciplines or pathways, each focusing on a specific area of career and technical education.

WISEdata: Update in Logic for DPI Economic Disadvantaged Status

WISEdata Portal received an adjustment to the logic it uses to calculate the DPI Economic Disadvantage Status element, viewable on a Student Detail screen.  There are times when LEA's send multiple Economic Disadvantage statuses. For example, they will submit that one student is both Economically Disadvantaged” and “Not Economically Disadvantaged in one Student Education Organization Association (SEOA).  When this occurs, the DPI Economic Disadvantage Status element, viewable on a Student Detail screen  will display as either Blank or 'Not Set.'

A new validation rule will be created for this situation, as this conflicting data is important to catch and correct.

WISEdata: New Warning 7483

A new validation rule, Warning 7483, was created to help resolve discrepancies on food service program eligibility data for homeless and migrant students. Any student identified as homeless and/or migrant qualifies for 'Free' eligibility status for the food service program. This warning triggers when a student is associated with homeless status or migrant status but lacks the 'Free' eligibility status for the food service program.

WISEdata: Update Migrant Status on Student Details Screen

A number of small but important changes were made to the data displayed for Migrant Status on the Student Detail screen.

  • The label "Migrant in Current School Year" was changed to now read:
    • "Migrant Status during School Year"
  • When the student doesn't have a student Migrant Education Program Association (SMEPA) record WISEdata Portal has adjusted the value to remain blank as opposed to reading, "Not Set."
  • When the student does have a student Migrant Education Program Association (SMEPA) record WISEdata Portal has adjusted the value to display 'True' or to remain blank when the student does NOT have an active SMEPA record.

WISEdata: Correction to Course List

A few “Mechatronics” courses were identified as not being properly mapped within the Course Listing. They were all listed as being as CTE=Yes. This was corrected, and new alternative courses were listed. Additionally, the proper rigor level was also applied to the Course List, the user interface and all appropriate WISEdata Portal Exports.  

WISEdata: Bug Fix to Course List

Roster Code13253 had two (2) CTE Departments (CTE-T, CTE-H) associated to it on the course list within WISEdata Portal.  On the Courses data element page,  it was displayed on two (2)  rows. This bug has been fixed and the course is now displaying properly. This only affected the 2024-25 Course list.

Release Notes from 4/2/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: WISEdata Portal: Update to Tribal Affiliation Descriptors

Short and long descriptors for a variety of Tribal Affiliations have been updated to represent the name of those Nations more accurately. Specifically, the word ‘band’ was removed from the short descriptors (e.g., Bad River Band is now Bad River), and add into the long descriptors (e.g., Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians). These changes will also be applied to WISEdash for Districts.

WISEdata Portal: New Validation Error, School Closed with Active Enrollments

Validation Error 7482 has been created for the unique scenario where a school has closed, but there are still active student enrollment records associated to it. To resolve this error, records would need to be removed (pulled back) through the student information system (SIS), which can be a complicated process. Conveniently, a new mini tutorial has been created to assist in this, called Removing Records from WISEdata Portal.

WISEdata Portal: CTE Participant Export

The CTE Participant definition has been updated to all applicable Exports in WISEdata Portal. The definition will read:

  • This export includes students who meet the criteria for CTE participation within a district. A student is identified as a CTE participant if their grade level is 9-12, and took at least one CTE course for which the attempt status is 'sufficient' and passed the CTE course(s). Note: less than full-time students (homeschooled 'R-HOME, NR-HOME', and private students 'R-PRIVATE') are excluded from the CTE participant calculation.

WISEdata Portal: Work Based Learning Changes in Logic

The program type, ‘Certified’ has been renamed to “Industry Recognized Credentials.” The logic for Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC) has been adjusted for the 2024-25 school year and on. Any validation rules that apply to IRC data will throw based on this new logic:

Examples of a validation rule applying this new logic: Error 7461, Error 6915, Error 6794, and Error 6795.

WISEdata Portal: Removing Gender from Membership Exports

The gender column is being removed from the Membership Exports in WISEdata Portal. This will apply to the Pupil Count 3rd Friday of September Export, Pupil Count 2nd Friday of January Export, and the Pupil Count 1st Friday of May Export.

Ed-Fi Credential Application


WISEadmin Portal and Other App Updates

WiSFiP: Displaying Description of Calculated Values on Not Meeting Criteria Screen

The Not Meeting Criteria Data screen in WiSFiP will now display a description of the calculated values. Just hover your cursor over the calculator icon, and the description will display in a small window.

WiSFiP: Displaying Description of Calculated Values on Published Data Screen

The Published Data screen in WiSFiP will now display a description of the calculated values. Just hover your cursor over the calculator icon, and the description will display in a small window.

WiSFiP: Reducing Columns of Published Data Export

The following columns will be removed from the Published Data exports on WiSFiP:

  • Column F – Gender
  • Column G – Submitting LEA Agency Key
  • Column I – School Agency Key
  • Column N – Primary School
  • Column O – SEOA Exists
  • Column Q – Resident LEA Agency Key
  • Column AA – Covers

Removing this information will eliminate content that is rarely required and will improve the loading time of the export, providing users with a smoother experience in WiSFiP.

Release Notes from 3/5/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: CTE Participant Calculations for 24-25 School Year Onwards

CTE Calculations have been adjusted for the 2024-25 school year and onwards to provide more accurate required data collection. As such, “Homeschooled” and “Private Students” will be excluded from CTE Participant calculations.

The exact calculations are as follows:
  • This calculation looks for Grade level of students between 9-12
  • Has at least one /studentSectionAssociation (sSA) resource for the CTE course. That means the student is sitting in at least one CTE course offered by the LEA.
    • This makes sure that a student being marked as a CTE participant is actually enrolled in a CTE course.
  • On /studentSectionAssociation attempt status on /studentsectionAssociation is Sufficient
    • This means that the student is not just enrolled in, but also making sufficient progress in the course to still be considered a CTE participant.
  • On /grade resource performance-based conversion type is PASS
  • Exclude Home Schooled and Private Students (check for the following Residency Status: R-HOME, NR – HOME, R-PRIVATE)

WISEdata Portal: Courses Export, Definitions Edited

Some of the definitions on the Courses Export were written to sound more like reporting guidance, rather than defining the header term of each column in the export. As such, definitions for the following term will be edited:

  • Roster Code
  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Rigor Level
  • CTE Cluster
  • World Language
  • Arts Category
  • SCED Code
  • Course Status

WISEdata Portal: Roster Export, Download Error Resolved

When trying to download the Roster Export, some LEAs were receiving an error message, “An error occurred while processing your request.” This issue has been repaired, and the error message is resolved.

Ed-Fi Credential Application


WISEadmin Portal and Other App Updates


Release Notes from 2/20/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: Turning Off 2021-22 School Year Data

Data for the 2021-22 school year is no longer visible in WISEdata Portal. The Customer Services Team sent out a communication on January 30, 2024, to inform customers of this change. As of Tuesday, February 20, 2024, this year has been removed from the dropdown menus. WISEdata Portal only carries three years of information, and it is currently displaying: 2022-23, 2023-24, and 2024-25.

WISEdata Portal: New Look for DQ and Home Screens

The new Home page and Data Quality pages are available.

  • The Home screen has improved visual display and text, which both add clarity to all three sections. WISEdata API Transactions for the current three years of data have metrics to align with color coding. The WISEdata Status plainly displays if data is either “Up to Date” or “Out of Sync” and how many data domains are out of sync, if any. The screen also displays the Queue Import and Validation manual option.
  • The Data Quality screen has improved visual display for its three sections. Filters at the top allow for the selection of school year, school type, and specific schools. The Validation Message Summary has bolder sections to display total number of students, a percentage of students with errors or unacknowledged warnings, and a color-coded horizontal bar graph with the distribution of messages that are critical errors (dark red), errors (red), unacknowledged warnings (yellow), and acknowledged warnings (green). The Data Quality Indicators section now just displays a single graph with all filters for attribute (enrollment, attendance, completion, and discipline) and measure (grade level, race/ethnicity, economic disadvantaged status, disability, and ELP code).

The WISEdata Portal Tutorials webpage will have updated mini tutorials for these features soon! Stay tuned!

WISEdata Portal: Edit to Course Identification Codes

Two courses on the course list, DANCE and THEATRE, have been rewritten to read as ‘Dance’ and ‘Theatre,’ removing the ALL CAPS to provide a consistent display across the Course list.

WISEdata Portal: Aging Tag for Validation 6374

6374 is now an Error dealing with overlapping enrollments; previously it was a Warning. With this change from Warning to Error, the ‘Aging’ tag on the WISEdata Portal Validations screen was displaying “N/A” instead of a number. For validations that occurred when this validation rule was still a Warning, N/A will display. For current validations that are Errors, the correct number will display.

WISEdata Portal: Validation 7475 Bug Fixed

Error 7475 was turned off for the past two weeks while a bug was repaired. The Error was displaying incorrectly for Choice schools. This bug has been fixed. The Error is now active again and displaying correctly for Choice schools.

WISEdata Portal: Validation 7471 Timing Out

Error 7471 was turned off for the past two weeks due to performance issues. The Error was timing out for large school districts and failing to complete the rule validation. The Error will require more work to resolve and is planned to be turned on again for the next Release date on March 5, 2024.


Ed-Fi Credential Application


WISEadmin Portal and Other App Updates

WISEadmin Portal: Server Error for 2021-22 SY

On WISEadmin Portal, when LEAs went to export Data Errata letters as a .csv file for the 2021-22 school year, an error would appear on the screen, and the LEA name would not appear
Release Notes from 2/6/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: Edit Column Names on Overlapping Enrollment Screen

So as to provide a more unified appearance across the application, the names of the columns on the Overlapping Enrollment screen got some new header names for the columns in the table. These new column headers have spaces in between the words, and match the same column headers that are viewable on a specific Student Detail screen in WISEdata Portal. Column headers are:

  • Enroll Date (previously was EntryDate)
  • Exit Date (previously was ExitWithdrawDate)
  • District / Agency (previously was AgencyName )
  • School Name (previously was SchoolName)
  • Primary School (previously was PrimarySchool)

Enrollment Type (previously was EnrollmentType)


WISEdata Portal: New Export, Courses

A new Export is available in WISEdata Portal: Courses. This Export will also exist for the 2023-24 school year and onwards.

  • Export Description: Courses refer to the classes students take throughout their school day. All courses are associated with an identifying code. DPI assigns a Roster code, but each LEA will also assign a local course code to any course offered in their system.
  • Category Type: Roster
  • Columns and Definitions:
    • Roster Code: A DPI-created course code. All the SCED codes are mapped to DPI- created course codes. The LEA needs to select the appropriate course code from the DPI course download to enter and submit to WISEdata. For more information, see
    • Course Title: The title of the course, which should be the same as the SCED title.
    • Subject Area: The areas of study that could be considered Career and Technical Education classes. The subject-specific areas include: 1) Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; 2) Business and Information Technology; 3) Family and Consumer Sciences; 4) Health Science; 5) Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship; 6) Technology and Engineering.
    • Course Description: Course information, maintain longitudinal data about student coursework, and efficiently exchange course-taking records.
    • Rigor Level: DPI displays courses by Rigor level. For example, Physical Geography has 5 Rigor levels. No Specified level, Honors, General or Regular, Enriched or Advanced, Basic or Remedial.
    • CTE Course: Denotes whether or not the course is part of Career and Technical Education.
    • CTE Cluster: The career cluster (career pathway type) for the Vocational/Career Tech concentrator career path. Every CTE course is associated with a career pathway. LEAs have to select a career pathway for the CTE course. Submit the same option on the course offering resource.
    • Course Program: Denotes whether or not the course program is AP or IB.
    • World Language: The WL category is added primarily for DPI use in creating Annual World Language reports. State statute requires that WL coursework be offered, so this too must be associated with a course.
    • Arts Category: This will be used to identify which courses are included in the Art subcategories on the report card.
    • SCED Code: The School Courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) is a voluntary, common classification system for prior-to-secondary and secondary school courses.
    • Course Status: Denotes whether the course code is archived (Deprecated) or whether the course code is newly added (New).

WISEdata Portal: Edit to AP Courses in Course List

Two courses on the course list, AP Precalculus and AP Seminar: English, were not mapped correctly. Their rigor levels were slotted at ‘General or Regular’. This was corrected, and these AP courses are now aligned with a rigor level of ‘Enriched or Advanced’.

WISEdata Portal: Removing WAMS ID from Validation Screen

On the WISEdata Portal validation screen, where users can view their errors and warnings, there were associated WAMS IDs visible. This information should not have been a part of the user interface, and it has been removed.


Ed-Fi Credential Application


WISEadmin Portal and Other App Updates

WISEadmin Portal: Server Error Resolved

On WISEadmin Portal, when LEAs went to export Data Errata letters as a .csv file, an error would appear on the screen, and the LEA name would not appear. The bug has been fixed, and the application is now displaying and functioning properly.

WISEadmin Portal: District Library Plan Timestamp

A bug was fixed that corrected a mismatch on the date/time stamp provided on WISEadmin Portal when a District Library Plan was submitted. The submitted time and the system time were not synchronized, but the bug fix has resolved this problem. The date/time stamps are now displaying accurately.

WiSFiP: ETL Failing to Complete

The “ETL” stopped working completely on Tuesday (Jan 30) afternoon. ETL stands for extract, transform and load, and it refers to the process of combining data from multiple sources (such as WISEdata Portal and WISEdata Finance) into a data warehouse.

When ‘student school association for student receiving services’ files were being deleted, the ETL fail caused the delete function to time out. This affected the second Friday of January (SFJ) receiving service data for Pupil Count.  

A repair was put in place, and this bug is now fixed. The ETL has been modified to work in batches, and everything is now running smoothly.

WiSFiP: Repair to Calculation for SFJ

The calculation for the second Friday of January (SFJ) was not providing accurate results between WISEdata Portal and WiSFiP. Students were being marked incorrectly on the Pupil Count SpEd SFJ in WISEdata Portal, and as a result they were appearing incorrectly in the Published Data export, nor were they appearing in the ‘Not Meeting Criteria’ for SFJ in WiSFiP.

The calculation was modified, and students are now being counted accurately for SFJ.

WiSFiP: Count Inclusion for Primary and Non-Primary Enrollments

Sometimes students hold both a primary enrollment and a non-primary enrollment (e.g., a Coursework enrollment type) that are active at the same time. It is important that these students are counted accurately, so the correct LEA gets credit for that student. A calculation was repaired to ensure that students were counted for both the third Friday of September (TFS) count date and the second Friday of January (SFJ) count date across WISEdata Portal and WiSFiP.

Release Notes from 1/23/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: Exports, Economic Status, and Food Service Eligibility

The relatively new ES/FS Eligibility Export has some small edits completed to improve functionality and formatting. One fix ensures that the definitions hyperlink opens as a pop-up window, as it does with all other exports. The other fix was to present the dates (on this export specifically, this would be the sSA Entry and Exit Dates, and the School Food Service Begin and End Dates) in the same standardized format as it appears on all other WISEdata Portal exports: MM/DD/YYYY.

WISEdata Portal: Emergency Bug Fix, Choice Student Report Card Status

The All Student Report Card: Opt IN/Opt OUT value was displaying incorrectly on WISEdata Portal for some agencies. When the school year was changed to an earlier year, and then changed back to the 2023-24 SY, the All Student Report Card value displayed as “Unknown.” This bug has been fixed, and the data is now displaying properly, despite year changes being made.


Ed-Fi Credential Application

Ed-Fi Credential: Email Notification Sent to Vendors for Modified  Subscriptions

An email notification will be sent to vendors to notify them whenever an LEA adds, modifies or cancels a subscription. This allows vendors to update the Ed-Fi configuration on their end as needed. The email text will be standardized for each of the three scenarios (add, modify, cancel), and gives directions on when to login to the Ed-Fi Credential application to view and access updated credentials, as well as when key/secret changes occur. A hyperlink within the email provides vendors with an easy way to “reach out” to DPI with the WISE Help Ticket.

WISEadmin Portal and Other App Updates –

WISEadmin Portal: Server Error

On WISEadmin Portal, when LEAs went to export Data Errata letters as a .csv file, an error would appear on the screen, and the LEA name would not appear. The bug has been fixed, and the application is now displaying and functioning properly.


WISEadmin Portal: District Library Plan Approval Functionality

On WISEadmin Portal, when a DPI staff is logged in with the user role ‘Admin,’ the District Library Plan screen now displays additional features for that DPI Admin user. The DPI Admin user can now:

  • Add feedback in a comment box with unlimited number of characters,
  • Click a button to either Approve or Return the submitted District Library Plan,
    • Once one of these buttons is clicked, the LEA will see in the Submission History a corresponding status as either:
      • Submitted: When submitted, this District Library Plan will be saved in the database with the status: Submitted.
      • Approved: only visible on the District Library Plan screen
      • Returned: only visible on the District Library Plan screen.
        • If the District Library Plan status is Returned, LEAs can edit the District Library Plan form.  
Release Notes from 1/9/2024

WISEdata Portal:

WISEdata Portal: Top Menu Rearranged  

The purple banner holding WISEdata Portal’s menu bar is accompanied by a floating green rectangle that displays the selected school year. This green “School Year” box was covering up some of the menu items on the purple banner, so our developers have rearranged their location to improve ease of use. The WISEdata Portal menu bar now reads in this order:  

Agency, Alerts, Resources, Help: all on the left side of the green school year box, and Admin appearing over to the right side.  

WISEdata Portal: Comments Can be Added to Validation Messages  

When users are viewing the Validations screen, a new option is available in the ‘Tags’ drop-down: Comment. This feature allows for 280 characters of free text. Once free text is added, users can save, close, or delete the comment. This feature will help LEAs communicate and stay organized with their validation repairs. This feature will be especially useful for larger districts with multiple data specialists. A pop-up note will appear when this feature is used, reminding users that, “The notes/comments saved in this comment box will be visible to all WISEdata Portal users within your LEA.” Comments that have been saved will appear in the Tags column. Hovering over the comment will display the date on which the comment was saved.  

WISEdata Portal: Overlapping Enrollments

The WISEdata Portal Overlapping Enrollments screen (under the Resources menu) has a new feature on the DPI side. Both LEAs and DPI can view this screen, but this new feature gives DPI staff a better view of the details for students and LEAs that have overlapping enrollments. This feature will allow Customer Services Team staff to have a more accurate view of the situation when assisting customers with Help Tickets.

WISEdata Portal: 24/25 Project Development and Testing

Various teams across DPI are collaborating to provide an even better WISEdata Portal experience for users in the 2024-25 school year. These efforts are in the project development and testing phase, with a goal of having new features ready for you when the 24-25 school year kicks off.

Ed-Fi Credential Application

Ed-Fi Credential: New Page for Admin Role

The Ed-Fi Credential application has added a new feature to the Admin screen. This screen allows DPI users to help LEAs manage vendor contacts by adding, editing, or deleting a vendor tool. It also displays the contact information for each vendor listed.

Release Notes Prior to 1/9/2024

For release notes prior to 1/9/2024, refer to the historical release notes page.

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