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*New for 2018-19 SY

Reason Exited is a field that describes why a student's special education record (sSEPA) has an end date. Districts must submit a reason when a special education student's enrollment or special education program association (sSEPA) record ends.

If there's an end date for a special education student, there must also be a reason for exiting, even if the end date is a typical end of the school year exit date, TC Exit Type, and the reason is still Continuing in Special Education.

Reason Exited Description/Comments
Continuing in Special Education Student is continuing to receive special education services in the same district. A new special education record was sent to indicate that either a new IEP/ISP was created, some other attribute of the special education record was updated (education environment, parentally-placed private status, etc.), or the student will be continuing in the same district in the following school year.
Revoked Consent for Special Education Services Student is no longer receiving special education services because the parent or guardian revoked their consent for special education and related services (See 34 CFR §300.300(b)(4)).
Transferred to Regular Education

Student is no longer receiving special education services because the student meets one of the following criteria:

  • student no longer meets eligibility criteria for special education OR
  • the parents or guardian removes the student from public school to be homeschooled OR
  • the parent or guardian enrolls the student in a private school and does not receive a service plan
Exited District Due to Enrollment Exit Code Student is not continuing in special education, was not withdrawn by a parent or guardian, and did not transfer to regular education. The student is no longer enrolled in the district.

USES: Reason Exited is used for more accurate reporting of those students who returned to regular education. This is reported in the C009 IDEA Exiting Special Education file.

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FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. sSEPA End Date: End Date on the special education record is only required in the following scenarios:

    • When a subsequent sSEPA record exists in the same district for the student or

    • IEP/ISP is revoked or

    • The student is no longer eligible or

    • The student exited special education services (e.g., Graduation, Max age so this should be the same date or after) or

    • Student exited.

  2. Matching Exit Types to Special Education Exit Reasons: This mapping is specific to when the sSEPA End Date corresponds to the Enrollment Exit Date and the parent/guardian has not revoked consent for special education.
    • TNC: Use Continuing in Special Education if the student has become a parentally-placed private student at a non-Choice private school. Use Transferred to Regular Education if the student has begun a home-based education program or the parent/guardian enrolls the student in private school without the student continuing to have a service plan.
    • TC and ETC: If the student continues in the same district (or district provides a service plan at a private school) and continuing in special education, then use the reason Continuing in Special Education. This is the most typical Exit Type and Reason Exited. If the change in school coincides with the end of special education services, use Transferred to Regular Education. If the student transfers to a new district, use Exited District Due to Enrollment Exit Code.
    • PCC, BCA, TOS, HSC, DE, MA, ODO, ISM, INM: Exited District Due to Enrollment Exit Code
    • View the Exit Type codes and more info on the Exit Types data element page.
    • View the above Exit Type Codes mapped to exit reasons in matrix format.
  3. Mid-year Special Education Record Updates: When you need to update a special education record during a school year, such as updating an educational environment, end date the sSEPA record and then use a Reason Exited as Continuing in Special Education to denote the student is still receiving special education services.
  4. Special Education Graduates: When a student with disabilities graduates, the student's special education record must show that special education services continued until at least the exit date. Even if the student graduates prior to the last school year day, as seniors often do, the student will be documented properly as graduating with a disability so long as services continue through the student's exit date and the exit type is marked as High School Completion. 
  5. sSEPA End Date Special Circumstances: In the scenario of a parent revoking consent or the IEP team determining the child is no longer eligible, a notice is sent to the parent indicating the date the services will end. This date should be used as the sSEPA End Date. The Special Education Exit Reason should be set to ‘Revoked consent for special education services’ if the parent revoked consent or ‘Transferred to regular education’ if the IEP team determined the child is no longer eligible. In the scenario where the student exits the district while receiving special education services, the sSEPA End Date should equal the Exit Withdrawal Date. The Special Education Exit Reason should be set according to the Special Education Exit Reason table.
  6. FAPE: According to Sec. 602 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, the term `free appropriate public education' means special education and related services that (A) have been provided at public expense, under public supervision and direction, and without charge; (B) meet the standards of the State educational agency; (C) include an appropriate preschool, elementary school, or secondary school education in the State involved; and (D) are provided in conformity with the individualized education program required under section 614(d).
  7. Special Education Data Reporting FAQ: For specific scenarios and use cases, see Special Education FAQs.

    See also:

    Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004

    Title 34, Parts 300 and 301 (IDEA regulations)


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