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Certificated Programs Status Type

Certificated Programs Status Type: Career Education

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*New for 2018-19 SY

Certificated Programs Status Type indicates a student's progress toward earning a certificate within the Certified Career Education programs. It's submitted as part of the WI DPI Student CTE Program Association.

Certification Status for Certified Career Education Programs not associated to courses should be submitted in this field. For example, if a student participates in a 'nursing certificate', but the nursing program isn't associated to a course in the student's schedule, then the program certification status should be submitted in this field. Depending on the status, one of the career path types should be submitted.

The certification status for Non-Certified Career Education Programs not associated to courses will be 'null'.


USES: Certificated Programs Status Type collects information about the student's progress and the attainment of a certificate in a Career Education program for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and College and Career Ready (CCR) reporting.

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Roster, Career Education    *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Career Education FAQs & Use Cases: For more specific information and scenarios, see the Career Education FAQs & Use Cases page.


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