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Quick Training Videos for Getting Started with WISE applications: WISEsecure

These short videos provide an overview of key topics for getting started with WISE applications. Many videos focus on the WISEsecure application. 


Video Name Embedded Video

Creating a WAMS Account

Running time: 2 min. 03 sec.


Logging in to WISEsecure via WISEhome (Current as of July 2023)

Running time: 4 min. 20 sec.

Logging into WISEhome: 0:00 - 1:26

WISEsecure overview begins at 1:27

The First Time You Log In: Privacy Agreement Screen (Current as of May 2023)

Running time: 31 sec.


Completing the DSA Set-Up Form for All Administrators (Current as of June, 2023)

Running time: 4 min. 3 sec.

Assigning User Roles In WISEsecure (For DSAs) (Current as of July 2023)

Running time: 6 min. 13 sec.


Assigning the Role of Application Administrator through WISEsecure (Current as of July 2023)

Running time: 4 min. 51 sec.


Delegating a WISEid Agency Admin User Role through WISEsecure

Running time: 2 min. 02 sec.


Granting Access to WISEid through WISEsecure

Running time: 2 min. 03 sec.


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