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Confirming Updates to WISEdash Public and Release of Final Joint Federal Notifications

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Today, the WISEdash Public Portal has been updated with certified data from both the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years. Additionally, joint federal notification materials have been updated in SAFE and relevant components are publicly available.

Many of the updates to the WISEdash Public Portal represent significant efforts by you and your colleagues to provide accurate data to DPI through the January 28 WISEdata snapshot. Thank you for all your efforts. You will find a list of new data and dashboards on the WISEdash Public Portal landing page.

DPI has issued a news release with information about 2018-19 graduation rates as part of the WISEdash Public Portal updates. You may find the news release here.

Final joint federal notification packets are available in SAFE today. To access your district’s packet, go to SAFE. If you need help accessing the system, please visit the SAFE landing page or complete a Help Ticket. You will find final public ESSA Accountability Reports in this ESSA Accountability application, and information about LEA Determinations for IDEA in the Special Education District Profiles.

Because today is also the public release, you may share information regarding your ESSA and IDEA accountability reports and identification status. We encourage you to review all reports, regardless of identification status. The reports that are cleared for public viewing will be posted here: Please note, however, that the LEA Determinations Reports in SAFE should never be shared with the public; the data in these reports are not redacted and contain sensitive information.

As I said in December, we stand ready to assist you in the work of ensuring every student graduates college and career ready. As we have heard from you in the technical assistance calls, these federal identifications are indeed an opportunity to better understand your school’s and district’s performance, and to continue to improve outcomes for each and every student.

  • For questions about ESSA accountability calculations, contact the Office of Educational Accountability.
  • For questions about ESSA school improvement and supports available to your district, contact the Title I Team.
  • For questions about IDEA LEA determinations and Racial Equity in Special Education reports, school improvement and supports for students with disabilities, contact the Special Education Team.
  • To attend professional learning in your region related to continuous improvement, contact the TA Network of Support. You might also find these online resources supportive of your continuous improvement work.

Finally, please plan to attend the June 22-24, 2020, Leading for Learning Summit in Green Bay. The Leading for Learning Summit combines the learning and expertise of the former Quality Educator Convention, Data Summit, Innovations in Equity Conference, and the Every Teacher a Leader Summit into one powerful event! During this event, participants will engage in deep learning in leading for equity, continuous improvement, and utilizing effective data practices.