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Upcoming Snapshots for Accountability Reporting and Aid Calculations

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Dear District Administrators,

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) understands the unique situation you are facing this school year. Our goal is to make the WISEdata snapshot on December 8 as smooth as possible. Once the snapshot is taken, the data are considered certified and final so it’s critical that data are accurate when the snapshot is taken.

Special Note on Digital Equity Gap data: In addition to your data being needed for the December 8 snapshot, we continue to encourage you to collect and submit the digital equity data elements and student addresses as soon as possible. These data help to ensure all students have the device and internet access they need to be successful in virtual learning.

What data are included in the December 8 snapshot?

  • 2019-20 Year End Completion data (used to calculate Graduation Rates, Dropout Rates, Chronic Absenteeism, and Discipline)
  • 2019-20 Roster and Career Education data
  • 2020-21 Third Friday September Enrollment
  • 2020-21 October 1 Child Count of students with disabilities
  • *NEW* 2020-21 Graduation Requirements
  • *NEW* 2020-21 Digital Equity Data

What do I need to do next?

District administrators are responsible for their district’s snapshot data.

*NEW* The WISEadmin application streamlines the process to prepare for a successful snapshot. See the WISEadmin Portal User Guide for Administrative Users on the help page for more information!

Added to WISEadmin this year is a link to the WISEdash Key Performance Indicators dashboard where you can view current enrollment and year end data at a glance. This dashboard is where you can check your data prior to the snapshot.

Steps to take as you prepare:

  • Use a team approach. Include staff members who work with enrollment, demographic, and special education data.
  • Use WISEsecure accessed through the DPI WISEhome Page to provide staff access to the tools.
  • Communicate the importance of the high stakes nature of the data and how it is used:
    • Public reporting on the WISEdash Public Portal;
    • Federal reporting including IDEA Child Count, Career and Technical Education, and ESSA;
    • Federal and state funding allocations such as Carl Perkins, IDEA flow through and preschool, and state aid for high poverty districts; and
    • Score calculations in the Accountability Report Cards.

Are there any special considerations this year due to COVID?

See the COVID-related WISEdata Submission Guidance page. Information about Attendance and Economic Status are found there. We will keep this page updated and share developments with you.

What if I need help?

Please visit our Snapshot Preparation Guidance page to view helpful resources. Submit a help ticket if you need support from our Customer Services team.