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Division for Finance and Management

Tricia Collins, Assistant State Superintendent
(608) 266-3472

The division consists of five service areas and provides centralized and managerial support services to the department to ensure effective and cost-efficient operation of the agency. The division provides consultative services to school districts and the public on school finance, management, and organizational issues and administers state and federal aids and grants to school districts, county children with disabilities education boards (CCDEBs), cooperative educational service agencies (CESAs) and other service providers.

  • School Financial Services - administers programs that support schools with general and categorical aids and grants for special projects.
  • School Nutrition - administers federal and state school nutrition programs.
  • Community Nutrition - administers federal and state community nutrition programs.
  • Parental Education Options - provides administrative management services to school districts and assists them with federal aids and audits.
  • Business Services - provides centralized accounting, purchasing, business, budget administration, and general management services to the department.