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Every child must graduate ready for further education and the workforce. Each year nearly 7,000 Wisconsin students drop out of school without earning a diploma. As adults they have a much greater chance of becoming unemployed, incarcerated, and on government assistance.

Graduation Requirements

Act 63 passed in December 2013 changed Graduation Standards:

  • Guidance background
  • Updated High School Graduation s.118.33 Wis. Statues
  • Questions and Answers about implementation, Teacher Licensure, and Mathematics Standards

Pathways to Graduation

Provides Information about several pathways to high school graduation including:

  • Standard paths to graduation
  • Alternative paths to graduation
  • High school completion options

Graduation Rates, Data, and Reporting

  • Provides information about graduation rate requirements as well as graduation data in graph, table, and raw data formats, including:
  • Graduation Rates
  • Progress Toward Graduation
  • College or Work Readiness and Success
  • District and School Performance Reports and Profiles


Parent and student Graduation Resources

Provides parents and students with information and resources about graduation including:

  • Attendance
  • Dropout prevention
  • College readiness
  • The Wisconsin Covenant
  • Wisconsin's Employable Skills Certificate
  • Transition programs for students with disabilities
  • Alternate for at-risk students and other youth

School Graduation Resources

Provides resources schools can use to increase the number of students who complete school with high school diploma including:

  • Prevention, intervention, and re-engagement programs and strategies
  • Resources for improving graduation rates for students of color, students with disabilities, and other special populations
  • National organizations

Graduation Accountability

Graduation results are used in Wisconsin Accountability determinations:

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