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Understanding Wisconsin's High School Graduation Rate Calculations

Wisconsin's High School Graduation Rate Calculations

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Regular High School Diploma is defined by federal regulations 34 C.F.R. §200.19(b)(1)(iv)). In Wisconsin, diplomas meeting the requirements of s.118.33 (1)(a) or (d), Wis. Stats. are considered regular diplomas.


Not counted as a Graduate:

  • Other completion Credentials such as HSED and Certificate of Attendance or Completion
  • Students who do not graduate with a Regular Diploma within the timeframe (including those reaching maximum age)
  • Dropouts including students not transferred to another school culminating in a regular diploma or who are not known to be continuing


Removed from Cohort (documented):

  • Transfers to another regular HS Diploma-granting school (non-public not covered by WI or another state)
  • Students who have died
  • Students who emigrated to another country



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