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DPI Teams

  • Career and Technical Education
    Career and Technical Education focuses on exploration of the self in relation to the world of work. Career & Technical Education better prepares students for all post-high school opportunities. Whether moving on to further education, training or employment, every Wisconsin student moves through curriculum-based career awareness, exploration, planning and preparation leading to a realistic individualized career plan which is compatible with the student's abilities, aptitudes and interests.

    Contact Career and Technical Education at (608) 267-9253 or by Email
  • Teaching and Learning
    The Teaching and Learning Team strives to enhance the scope and quality of teaching and learning in Wisconsin schools through leadership, innovation, collaboration, communication, and service.

    Contact Teaching and Learning at (608) 267-2063 or by emailing Margaret Danielson.
  • Office of Educational Accountability (OEA)

    The Office of Educational Accountability provides data to assist district and school personnel in evaluating and making decisions related to educational planning and programming. This team provides accountability outcomes via School and District Report Cards related to state and federal legislation and gives technical assistance in evaluating results and developing approaches to using data to inform decisions to ensure students are prepared for college and career.

    Contact OEA at (608) 267-1072 or by Email.

  • Special Education
    Special Education endeavors to provide statewide leadership, advocacy, technical assistance, and promote collaboration among parents, educators, students, communities and other agencies to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education.

    Contact Special Education at (608) 266-1781 or by Email.
  • Student Services, Prevention and Wellness (SSPW)
    Student Services/Prevention and Wellness provides statewide leadership and technical assistance for state and federal programs supporting the development, safety, and health of Wisconsin public school students.

    Contact SSPW at (608) 266-8690 or by Email.
  • Title I and School Support
    Title I and School Support provides statewide leadership and technical assistance for federal and state programs benefiting Wisconsin school children.

    Contact Title I and School Support at (608) 267-3721 or by Email.