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Content and Learning Team

Mission Statement


The mission of the Content and Learning Team (CALT) is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning from cradle to career through leadership, innovation, collaboration, communication, and service.


What does the Content and Learning Team do?

  • Facilitate effective professional development at the local (school, district, and other organizations), regional, and state levels.
  • Provide leadership in the development, alignment, and dissemination of standards and resources by facilitating learning through relevant and engaging educational strategies and assessment models.
  • Provide technical assistance regarding local, state, and federal policies and practices.
  • Collaborate with the field by using current technologies and data for improving learning outcomes while embracing cultural and linguistic diversity in a global educational perspective.
  • Enhance and develop educational partnerships (local, regional, state, and national) that strategically enhance student skills and knowledge while preparing students for college or career.