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Teaching and Learning Team



Mission Statement


The mission of the Teaching and Learning Team partners with educators, schools, families, community members, internal and external governmental agencies, and professional organizations to provide leadership, professional learning, and resources to promote equity and advance innovative learning for all students to graduate community, college, and career-ready.

What does the Teaching and Learning Team do?

Set High Expectations
Promote Equitable, Personalized, Collaborative, and Engaging Learning Opportunities
Bring Professional Learning to the Field
  • Create space for, validate, and affirm diverse cultural and linguistic identities and perspectives.
  • Develop and facilitate asynchronous (recorded webinars, elearning modules) and synchronous (workshops, presentations, book studies, PLCs, collaborative partnerships) professional learning at the local, regional, state, and national levels that promote best practice.
  • Support recruitment and retention efforts by working with educator and leadership preparation programs, Educator Development and Support team, and Teacher Professional Development and Support team.
  • Operate DPI Media Room and support initiatives relative to images, content creation, accessibility, and alignment to DPI programming.
Innovate in Wisconsin Public Schools
Celebrate Excellence
Provide Funding, Leadership, and Technical Assistance

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