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20 Standards (Wisconsin Education Standards)

20 Standards (Wisconsin Education Standards)

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Article X of the Wisconsin Constitution requires that the legislature create school districts “as nearly uniform as possible.” The 20 education standards set forth by state statute 121.02(1) and state administrative rule PI 8 fulfill this constitutional requirement. The 20 standards focus on children, ensuring that youth in Wisconsin have opportunities for high-quality education. By establishing minimum expectations for every district’s education program, the standards signal the clear intent of the state that opportunities and services will be provided to all children, regardless of where they reside.

Districts are expected to meet the requirements of each standard as well as the provisions of the administrative code that further define each standard. Under state statute 118.38(1)(a), districts may seek a waiver for meeting a specific standard or, under state administrative rule PI 8.01(3), apply for alternative compliance in meeting certain standards.

The 20 standards (a.-t.) are linked below, along with additional information:


a. Licensure

b. ​​​​Staff development

c. Remedial reading

d. Kindergarten

e. Guidance and counseling services

f. Hours of Instruction

g. Emergency nursing services

h. Library media services

i. Safe and healthful facilities

j. Health, physical education, art and music

k. Curriculum plan

l. Instruction

m. Education for employment

  • See PI Chapter 26, Education for Employment Plans and Program, for definitions and general requirements.
  • Refer to the Career and Technical Education team’s Academic and Career Planning page for more information.

n. Children at risk

o. Performance disclosure reports

p. High school graduation standards

q. Personnel evaluation

r. Third grade reading tests

s. Achievement tests

t. Gifted and talented pupils

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