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School Calendar - Days and Hours of Instruction

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The following resources are designed to assist districts with the submission of the School Calendar Report:

Additional Information

§ 115.01(10)(a) Wis. Stats - School Days

School days are days on which school is actually taught and the following days on which school is not taught:

  • Days on which school is closed by order of the school district administrator because of inclement weather and days on which parent-teacher conferences are held, not to exceed five days during the school term.
  • Days on which school is closed by order of a local health officer, as defined in s. 250.01(5) or the Department of Health Services.
  • Days on which school is closed by order of the school district administrator because of a threat to the health or safety of pupils or school personnel but not including inclement weather, unless the school board determines that the days will not count as school days.

§ 120.18(1)(d) Wis. Stats

Requires the reporting of actual hours of direct instruction provided at each school during the school year and not the scheduled hours for each school.

§ 121.02(1)(f)2, Wis. Stats

Districts that have instrumentality/non-instrumentality charter schools are required to report hours of instruction. This requirement also applies to alternative schools. However, charter schools and alternative schools are exempt from the number of hours of instruction requirement under § 121.02(1)(f)2 unless the hours requirement is expressly stated in the charter or alternative school agreement between the school district and the charter/alternative school. It is the school district's responsibility to ensure compliance with the required hours provision of the charter or alternative school agreement.

§ 121.02(1)(f)2

The required hours compliance edit compares the district's reported hours against the hours requirement for the highest grade in a school. For example, if an elementary school has grades 1-8, the compliance edit will compare reported hours with the hours requirement for grade 8 which is 1,137 hours per § 121.02(1)(f)2.

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