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Using The Transportation Report Wizard


This series of transportation report web pages is called a "wizard" as it walks you through a series of screens and either asks you to enter data or to answer certain questions. Subsequent questions and pages may be based on answers given on previous pages.

Buttons and Navigation

Back and Next Buttons

Two buttons appear on most screens: the Back Button and the Next Button. Each of these also function as a "save" button that will save your progress.

Review Your Answers Link

In the upper right part of the screen is a "Review your Answers" link. This link takes you to a summary page that contains links for most pages in the wizard. If you need to jump quickly to a certain page or would like to see any supporting information (such as an audit trail) follow this link. If you find yourself asking "where is the..." or "how do I...", go to this link and you will probably find your answer there.

Steps Involved

Welcome Page

The first page in the wizard contains general information and statutory references. Please read the information and click the Next button when you're ready.

Questions and Data Entry

You are then taken through a series of pages where you enter data, answer questions and/or view reasonability reports as another check on your data. Click on either Next or Back to save your data and progress through the wizard.

Submission and Error Checking

At some point, you will reach a page that says "Ready to Submit to DPI?". Typically, a summary of the data entered so far will be displayed, and at the bottom will be a tan button that says "Submit to DPI".

Data Review

Please review your data. If not correct, you may use the blue Back button to return to the page and correct it. If you are not sure, leave the wizard at any time and return later--your data will be saved as long as you were clicking the Next or Back button to move through the wizard.

Final Check

There is a final error check on the data. Some errors will prevent you from submitting to DPI and you will need to correct them.

Submission Step

It is very important that you complete the submission step. Otherwise, we will not know if your changes are complete or if you are planning on returning and making more in the immediate future.

Confirmation Page

Once you have successfully submitted the data to DPI, you will get a confirmation screen with a light yellow box in the middle. This page contains links to any pages you need to print out for your records (e.g. the Certification page) or to send to third parties (e.g. the PI-1508's).The district will need to manually enter the contact information of the person completing the PI-1547.

Certification Page (for school districts only)

DPI no longer requires you to send in the certification page. However, you are required to print it out, sign it and file it in your records. If the names on the certification page are wrong, please follow the link found above the signature section to find information on how and where you can correct the data.


You may return and make amendments to the PI-1547 or the PI-1547SS data at any time. Just be sure to "submit" the PI-1547 again with those changes when you are done. There will come a time when DPI will close down data entry but until that date you may make any amendments you choose.