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PI-401 Tax Levies Reporting Instructions

Special Note

The school board must approve the levy amounts on or before November 1.


This application collects school district tax levy information and replaces all prior paper reporting processes. Levy amounts are entered by fund. Once data is submitted, the program automatically apportions the total levy across municipalities, creates individual municipal tax certification pages and reports information to both the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the Department of Revenue (DOR).

Note: The program opens for district entry on October 17, 2018. The due date for the PI-401 is November 7th.

Special Note: Each year, per Wis. Stats. 120.12 (3)(a), prior to November 1, each school board must vote a levy necessary to operate and maintain the schools of the school district. In addition, by November 10 (changed from November 6 under 2011 Act 105, first effective for the 2012-13 fiscal year), the district clerk must deliver to the clerk of each municipality a statement showing the proportion of tax to be collected from the property in the school district lying within that municipality (s.120.17(8)(a) Wis. Stats).

The PI-401 Tax Levies Report can be accessed through the School Finance Reporting Portal. District personnel can go to the "Status and Deadlines" link or the "Financial Data Home" link and select the PI-401 Tax Levies Report. You must enter your user id and password to log into the program.


The district should not enter data into this application unless their revenue limit computation has been updated with their third Friday FTE student enrollment, October 1 Tax Apportionment values and their Aid Certification amounts (thus completing all the information required to ensure the district levies within their revenue limit). Additionally, the school board must have officially voted on levy amounts for that year.

See the SFS Budget and Adoption Process Overview page (step #6) for specific instructions on completing the PI-401.

For questions about this information, contact Roger Kordus (608) 267-3752