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Columnar Explanations for Status and Due Dates

Column Explanations

Underlined Column Headings

Those column headings that are underlined or hyperlinked will sort the report by ascending order on that column. A blue arrow will appear next to the column heading indicating that the table is sorted on that column. For instance, clicking on "Data Collected" will sort the table by the report name. The default sort order is by due date.

Status Column


Indicates the district has officially submitted the report.


Indicates this report must be submitted by the district and the district may begin entering data into that report.


Indicates the district may begin entering data into that report but the submission of the report is optional. Alternatively, it can mean that the report was optional, the due date has passed and the district has opted to not submit that report.


Indicates that the report is required, the due date has passed but the district has yet to officially submit the report.


Indicates that the report is required, the due date has passed but DPI is still in the process of checking in this report. The pending status will change to either a checkmark or Overdue! within two weeks of the due date.

Needs Resubmit

Indicates that amendments were made to the report after its submission but the district has not yet officially resubmitted the amendments. Districts should return to the report, verify that all amendments are correct and complete, then click on the "Submit to DPI" button which is found in all of the reports.

Opens On mm/dd/yyyy

Indicates the date the report will open for data entry.


Indicates this reporting portal is open year around and the district is encourage to make any adjustment needed in this portal in a timely manner.

Due Date Column

This column indicates the day at 4:30 p.m. when the report is due. Submissions after this date will indicate that the report was filed late.

FY Column

This column contains the fiscal year of the report. For example, 2019 refers to data from the 2018-2019 school fiscal year. 2020 refers to data from the 2019-2020 school year.

Data Collected Column

This column contains the name of the report. More information is available by clicking on this report name.

Form Column

This column references the DPI "PI" form number. Example, 1589 refers to PI-1589.

Initial Submission Column

Indicates the earliest date when the report was officially filed by the district (or recorded as filed by department staff in the case of reports submitted via a paper copy or email). A date in red indicates the report was filed after the due date.

Note: The word "PENDING" may appear in this column for those reports that need to be manually checked-in by SFS staff. Due to the large volume of submissions occurring on the due date, it may take up to two weeks for the staff to process all submissions. When processed, this column will contain the actual date it was received.

Last Changed Column

This column contains the date of the last change and it may be before or after the initial submission date.