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SFS Annual Report Information

New for FY 2017-2018

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Preparation Workbook Available

An EXCEL workbook consisting of a series of worksheets can be used to "pre-edit" and identify potential errors in district data required in the Department of Public Instruction's State Aid Financial Reporting (SAFR) internet application. You are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate worksheets to validate your data before you begin the PI-1505. Follow the link provided here. SAFR Workbook

PI-1505-AC and PI-1506-AC Modifications (July 2018)

On a screen entitled "Other", districts input dollar amounts for expenditures related to "Cost of Lawsuit Against the State" and "Indigent Transportation" and/or "Environmental Remediation Loan."

New for 2017-18 are expenditures related to costs for three-year-old educational programs. Specifically, identify all costs including salaries, benefits, materials and transportation recorded in Fund 10 associated with educational services for non-special education three-year-old students (exclude three-year-old special education program costs).

Additionally, both the PI-1505AC district aid certification and the PI-1506AC auditor aid certification reports have been updated in what they collect related to the revenue limit exemption for energy efficiency, due to the legal changes of 2017 Act 39 and PI-15. The district and its auditors are required to report the district’s actual Funds 10 and 38 expenditures for energy efficiency projects when the district exercises its authority to levy using the exemption, under a resolution adopted on or before the deadline of December 31, 2017.

Additional Interfund Transfers Allowed

New accounts 80E 838 411000 and 38R 180 411000 Interfund Operating Transfer from Fund 80 to Fund 38 have been added to account for debt related to Community Programs and Services.

New accounts 21E 850 411000 and 50R 121 411000 Interfund Operating Transfer from Fund 21 to Fund 50 have been to account for gifts to pay for lunches.

New Function to Record Charter Authorizer Operating Costs

Account 10E 235000 was created to assist districts in identifying charter authorizer costs included in the district audit.

New Balance Sheet Account added for Common School Fund Revenues not spent

**New Requirement** To account for common school fund revenue received but unspent in fiscal year, districts are required to Restrict Fund Balance for Unspent Common School Fund Revenues and report the value in the Annual report. The addendum A82 remaining balance should be coded to 10 B 936130 002.

New Optional Object Account to Record Computers Purchased with Common School Fund

10 E 436 222000

Allow Apparel object with Other Pupil Services function

E 420 219000

Allow State Aid Transited Through a CESA in Fund 91

91 R 515

Special Education Fund 27 Account Changes

Allow Payment to Municipality for Special Education Contracted Instruction: 27E 381 436000

Added new Source 697 in Fund 27, Aid for Special Education Transition Grant BB: 27R 697

Special Education Fund 27 1505SE Change

Districts are required to itemize object 290 xxxxxx 011 costs.

Reminder Payment to WI School District for Special Education Additional Cost/Excess Cost Tuition—Open Enrollment No Longer Used -

Deleted: 27E 382 437000

Capital Leases Not Allowed in Fund 38 or 39

Delete Capital Lease Principal and Interest Payments (Objects 678/688) with Function 281000 in Funds 38 and 39

New Fund 72 Accounts Allowed

Allow Object 310 Function 230000 in Fund 72 to account for legal costs associated with the Scholarship Trust Fund

Allow Object 940 Function 252000 in Fund 72 to account for fees associated with investment trust accounts

New Optional use of Deferred Revenue for Bid Premiums

Historically bid premiums have been recorded as a revenue in Source 968, in Funds 38 or 39 in the fiscal year received. Large bid premiums received but not expended within the same fiscal year can significantly impact a district’s shared cost calculation. To address this issue DPI will allow a district to record bid premiums as ‘Deferred Revenue’ in the year of receipt in Balance Sheet account 816900. The bid premium, however, must be recorded as revenue in Source 968 in the subsequent year.