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School Level Report Access

How do I get access to the School Level Reporting application?

As with all recent Department of Public Instruction (DPI) applications, users and user roles are assigned via WISEhome. If you are completing the School Level Annual Report for your district/LEA, you will need a WAMS ID. If you already have a WAMS ID for one of the WISE collections, you should use it for School Level Reporting (don't use a personal WAMS ID used for licensing). See the DPI WAMS Guide for instructions.

Once you have a WAMS ID, you will need to work with your District Security Administrator (DSA) to get into the School Level Reporting application. We have an instruction document on requesting access through WISEhome: Request Access to WISE Applications in WISESecure. Be sure to select "WiSFiP (Wisconsin School Finance Portal)" under Applications, and in the Comments field enter "Finance Data Administrator." Your DSA will then be able to log in themselves and approve the request.

Application Access

ESSA School Level Reporting can be accessed through the Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP). Click the blue "Start App" button for School Level Reporting and you will be prompted for your WAMS credentials. Then, click the blue "Exclusions" button to get started with the report.

Additional access-related questions and answers

Who is our District Security Administrator?

DPI WISEhome has a District Security Administrator lookup. If the individual shown is no longer with your district/LEA, follow the instructions at DPI WISEhome under “Getting Started in Your District.”

I was just set up in WISEsecure, but when I tried to log into the SLR application with my WAMS ID, nothing happened.

Once a DSA has assigned the WiSFiP "Finance Data Administrator" role in WISEsecure, the security system can take up to 30 minutes to feed that information into the WiSFiP/School Level Reporting application. Close your browser, wait 15-30 minutes, and try again.

I need to complete School Level Reporting for multiple districts/LEAs -- what do I do?

Your WAMS ID is always associated with one primary district/LEA. If you need to add other districts/LEAs, email to request access. You will still see your primary district/LEA in the upper right of the SLR screen, but you'll then be able to select other districts within the report as well.

I was originally assigned to one district but am now working for a new district. When I log in, the "Welcome" text displays my current district but the report district dropdowns still display my original district.

If you completed the SLR report last fall and have since moved to a new district, we'll need to reassign you manually within the WiSFiP application. Again, email to request your district change.

Login Errors and Crashes

I was working on the report earlier (yesterday, etc.) but now I get a strange error.

The application may reset after a period of inactivity. First, click the following link to log yourself out of all DPI WISEhome applications: Then, close your browser, restart it and try to log back in.

I've closed my browser and restarted it, but am still having problems.

You may need to clear your browser's cookies. UW-Madison IT support has instructions for doing so on all browsers: Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies.

I've tried all that and nothing's worked.

Take a screenshot (Windows: Snipping Tool or Alt-PrtScr; Mac: Shift-Command-4) and paste it into an email. Send the email to

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