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Secure Home allows authorized users to access its applications and tools in one location. In order to access Secure Home, you need a personal WAMS ID and to have someone grant you access to a Secure Home Application through the District ASM Security Administrators lookup application.

Please use the District ASM Security Administrators lookup to request access for secure applications from your District Security Administrator and/or the Application Administrators in your district.  This link will also provide a list of applications that are available through Secure Home.

Update: WISEhome is almost here! Starting in April, WISEhome will be taking over for Secure Home. For a tour of WISEhome, check out the WISEhome Application Preview document.

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How do I get access to a Secure Home application?

In order to gain access to a Secure Home application, you will need to contact the Application Administrator for the application to which you want access. You can use the District ASM Security Administrators lookup application to do this or if you know the name of the person at your district who has the Application Administrator role, you may contact the administrator directly. If there is no Application Administrator, contact your District Security Administrator to have an Application Administrator assigned for the application.

How do I use Secure Home?

All DPI Secure Home applications allow for a single sign-on using Google. You will find a Sign in with Google button when logging in to an application. In order to use the single sign-on feature, you must have a district email that uses the Google domain. This district email address must be associated to your WAMs account and entered in the WISEid application Email Address field. Signing in via the Sign in with Google button will allow you to work within any application for which you have access.  Once you log in to Secure Home, the applications to which you have access will be listed and you can click from your list of available secure applications.

For more help, see the quick guide for Google Single Sign-on.

Getting Started in Your District

DPI secure application access is administered by each district using the Application Security Manager (ASM) application. As district personnel, you are part of a 3-tiered hierarchy to manage security in your district for DPI applications.

  • Level 1 Security - District Security Administrators (DSAs)
  • Level 2 Security - Application Administrators
  • Level 3 Security - Application Users

The District Administrator is responsible for either taking on the responsibility of District Security Administrator (DSA) or delegating that authority to another individual.

The District Administrator has several responsibilities for student data privacy and confidentiality in their district.  To start, the District Administrator, or their designee, will be setup as the District Security Administrator (DSA).  The DSA is responsible for setting up application administrators, annually reviewing access, and is also responsible for the Districts's data privacy policies required under §118.125(2). Please visit Student Data Privacy Resources for more information.

Need access to a Secure Home Application?

Use Case:  As the District Security Administrator I need the ability to assign application administrators for a DPI Secure Home Application.

Security Role

District Security Administrator (Level 1 Security)

How does this security role use ASM?

  • The District Security Administrator (DSA) is the gatekeeper in the district for managing access to DPI Application Security Manager (ASM) for all Application Administrators, as well as access to all Secure Home applications.
  • Once the District Security Administrator (DSA) is granted access to ASM they will use ASM to assign or remove Application Administrators for each Secure Home Application.  Reminder:  Each Application Administrators will need to create a WAMS IDs. Navigate to WAMS icon.
How Many? Recommend 1 or 2 for the District
What steps do I take to become a District Security Administrator?
  • District Administrator must create a WAMS ID associated with his or her district email address. Navigate to WAMS icon.
  • Complete the District Administrator Authorization Form.
  • If the District Administrator chooses to delegate the District Security Administrator (DSA) role, the District Administrator must have the delegate's WAMS ID before the District Administrator Authorization Form request is made.
  • To make a District Security Administrator (DSA) request, the District Administrator fills out the online District Administrator Authorization Form to indicate he or she understands student data privacy and confidentiality, understands the responsibilities of DSA, and passes along the knowledge to the delegates.
  • District Administrator will update the form, review responsibility, sign, designate or remove District Security Administrator(s) (DSA), and submit the form for approval. The form will then be routed to DPI to review request for approval.
Use Case:  I need the ability to add users and apply role security for a Secure Home application.

Security Role

Application Administrator (Level 2 Security)

How does this security role use ASM?

  • Uses ASM to assign secure application access to users.
  • Assigns or Removes users and permissions to a Secure Home Application.
How Many? Recommend 1 or 2 per Application
What steps do I take to become an Application Administrator?
  1. Create a WAMS ID if you don't already have one. Navigate to WAMS icon 
  2. Use the District ASM Security Administrators lookup to request Application Administrator access to ASM from your District Security Administrator 
  3. If you do not have a District Security Administrator listed, contact your District Administrator to request one from DPI.
Use Case:  I need access to a DPI Secure Home application.

Security Role

Application User (Level 3 Security) 

How does this security role use ASM?

  • Does not use ASM.
  • Uses Secure Home Applications to perform job duties as assigned.
How Many? Based on Legitimate Educational Need
What steps do I take to become a secure application user?
  1. Create a WAMS ID if you don't already have one. Navigate to WAMS icon
  2. Use the District ASM Security Administrators lookup to request secure application access from your Application Administrator.  This link will also provide a list of applications that are available through Secure Home.
    1. Click the blue Request Access button 
    2. Complete the form and an email message will be sent to the Security administrators in the district to request they grant your WAMS account access to the needed DPI applications.

Security Model Overview

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has many tools and applications to capture and analyze data. The overall goal of DPI is to:

  1. Provide (when appropriate) one process to request access.
  2. Provide one application interface for security administration.
  3. Provide a secure landing page to access secure applications.
  4. Use one login ID and password to access the secure landing page.

DPI has made considerable progress on this effort. The following is now available to districts and schools:

  • An automated District Administrator Authorization Form that you can fill out and submit online.
  • One security administration interface, the Application Security Manager (ASM) for districts and schools to manage user authorizations to secure applications.
  • Secure Home, a secure landing page, for users to access secure applications which they have been granted the appropriate permissions to use, including ASM.
  • One login ID and password to access the secure landing page.
    • The login ID and password utilize the Wisconsin Access Management System (WAMS) for login ID and password management. A WAMS ID is needed for a user to be authenticated to access applications.

DPI requires application security to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws regarding pupil privacy and data security. Additionally, DPI’s security model is designed to allow districts and schools flexibility in assigning access based on the changing needs within their district, while promising that the data provided to DPI from school districts is being accessed only by users whom the district has authorized. This gives your district control over your data while ensuring that pupil records are maintained in a secure and protected environment.

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