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Reporting Census Data Instructions

Report Dates

The School Census report is due in mid-August each year. The Internet reporting portal for the census data opens for district data entry July 1.


The School Financial Services (SFS) Team created a "reporting portal" through which districts access all required SFS team reports. These instructions are designed to guide district staff to the School Census reporting program and to the instructions for completing this report.

  1. Browse the SFS School Finance Reporting Portal and log in.
  2. From the portal, select "Log In to View or Submit Data." District staff will use the ID and password created for them by the PI-1500 District Contacts report to view or to enter and submit data to DPI. After entering the new ID and password, district staff can proceed to the reports for which they have been authorized to file data. Navigation to the district reports is the same as before--just click "Continue" after entering the ID/password.
  3. From the District Reporting home page, select the "Non-Financial Data Home" or "Status & Due Dates" link. On this screen, select the "School Census" link.
  4. Select the link identifying the appropriate fiscal year.
  5. Once the report has been opened for data entry (and if authorized for this report), entry of data will be possible.
  6. After completing the census data entry, click on the "Submit to DPI" button at the end of the report. Print and sign the Certification/Signature page. The district is required to maintain this signature page on file at the district--do not send to DPI.

Census Numbers Processes

State statute §120.18(1)(a) allows districts to identify census numbers by utilizing one of two established processes:

  • perform an actual physical census count; and
  • perform a mathematical calculation to determine a school census number.

Using a mathematical calculation, the district may determine their census count by totaling the categories listed below. All those included must have been a resident of the school district on the third Friday of September of the preceding school year:

  • resident students enrolled in the school district;
  • resident students enrolled in private schools, home-based private educational programs or other public school districts; and
  • the actual or estimated number of people who were a resident of the district but were not enrolled in the above two categories.

Example: As of the Prior Third Friday of September

Resident public school enrollees (head count) 1,604
Resident private school enrollees (head count) 86
Resident home-based private educational programs enrollees (head count) 54
Resident children between the ages of 4 and 20 who are
not accounted for in the counts listed above (Estimate)
Total to use for census count 2,070

Census Count Reasonability Check