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WISEdata Finance and WiSFiP

Need help with WISEdata Finance? Visit DPI's WISEsupport page to submit a help ticket.

WISEdata Finance is Wisconsin's next-generation financial reporting system for school districts and other local education agencies (LEAs). Financial data flows directly from financial software systems to DPI view the Ed Fi Credential API.

The Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP) is being developed and expanded in conjunction with WISEdata Finance, as reports in the existing SAFR portal are retired. SAFR is scheduled to be archived and decommissioned in FY 2025-26.

New and updated resources and information will be added to this page throughout the transition period.

Accessing WISEdata Finance

One-page User Guide on setting up access to WISEdata Finance

Step 1: Confirm with your vendor that they are ready to onboard you for WISEdata Finance.

Step 2: Request access to WISEdata Finance through WISEhome.

Step 3: Add your vendor in the Ed-Fi Credential application in WISEhome.

Step 4: Work with your vendor to configure the Ed-Fi credential requested in step 3 (they will receive it directly by email).

Step 5: Log in to WISEdata Finance.

Accessing WiSFiP

For those who do not already have access to the Wisconsin School Finance Portal ("WiSFiP"), typically the best approach is to contact your District Security Administrator (DSA) and make a request. Provide your DSA with your Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID along with the name of the role you'll need to access intended WiSFiP modules:

Finance Data Administrator Role Student Data Administrator Role
Budget Report Module Chapter 220 Module
Debt Schedules Module High Cost Special Education Module
Referenda Module Pupil Count Module
School Level Reporting Module  
Tax Levy Report Module  

To summarize, the Student Data Administrator role can access modules that involve student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) whereas the Finance Data Administrator does not. Note that if you require access to BOTH roles, that is allowed.

If you have any trouble contacting your DSA, you can also reach out to the DPI Customer Service Team and make your request.


The following vendors have been or are soon expected to be certified for transmission of data to WISEdata Finance under the Ed-Fi standard:

If you are a vendor interested in WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration, refer to the Ed-Fi Integration page for vendor onboarding process steps.