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WISEdata Finance

Need help with WISEdata Finance? Visit DPI's WISEsupport page to submit a help ticket.

WISEdata Finance is Wisconsin's next-generation financial reporting system for school districts and other local education agencies (LEAs). Financial data will flow directly from financial software systems to DPI, as is currently done for WISEdata student data reporting. The system is in place for school district data reporting in 2021-22.

The Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP) will be developed and expanded in conjunction with the WISEdata Finance transition, as reports in the existing SAFR portal are retired. SAFR is scheduled to be archived and decommissioned in the next few years.

New and updated resources and information will be added to this page throughout the transition period.

Accessing WISEdata Finance

One-page User Guide on setting up access to WISEdata Finance

Step 1: Confirm with your vendor that they are ready to onboard you for WISEdata Finance.

Step 2: Request access to WISEdata Finance through WISEhome.

Step 3: Add your vendor in the Ed-Fi Credential application in WISEhome.

Step 4: Work with your vendor to configure the Ed-Fi credential requested in step 3 (they will receive it directly by email).

Step 5: Log in to WISEdata Finance.



The following vendors have been or are soon expected to be certified for transmission of data to WISEdata Finance under the Ed-Fi standard:

If you are a vendor interested in developing for WISEdata Finance, please contact Jaidaa Shafaei.

Transition Schedule

WISEdata Finance is currently in an "open beta" phase. The production system is active and vendors are able to onboard their customers and begin submitting 2020-21 data for testing purposes, as well as 2021-22 data for official reporting purposes. Any data submitted in WISEdata Finance for 2020-21 will be considered test data and not used for reporting or other official purposes.

  • On or about December 1, 2021: The first WISEdata Finance budget data snapshot for 2021-22 is taken, replacing the PI-1504 and PI-1504-SE budget reports.
  • Spring 2022: SFS Team completes reviews of the existing SAFR PI-1505 and PI-1505-SE reports for 2020-21; those reports are closed and retired.
  • On or about June 1, 2022: The second WISEdata Finance budget data snapshot for 2021-22 is taken, used for the July 1 estimate of 2022-23 general school aids.
  • Summer 2022: Redeveloped "PI-1505/School Level Annual" district reports and "PI-1506-AC" auditors' aid certification reports for 2021-22 annual financial data are released and opened in WiSFiP.
  • September 1, 2022: The "PI-1506-AC" auditors' aid certification report for 2021-22 is due.
  • Mid-September 2022: The redeveloped "PI-1505/School Level Annual" district report for 2021-22 is due.
  • On or about October 1, 2022: The first WISEdata Finance year-end actual data snapshot for 2021-22 is taken, used in combination with the redeveloped PI-1506-AC for the October 15 certification of 2022-23 general school aids.
  • On or about March 1, 2023: The second WISEdata Finance year-end actual data snapshot for 2021-22 is taken, used for final eligibility of 2022-23 general school aids, federal reporting, and calculation of Comparative Cost and Revenue.
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