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High Cost Special Education Aid

2020-21 Claims on 2019-20 Students

Claims opened April 8 and were due April 30, 2021.

FIRST: You need to request access to the Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP) portal. Please follow the steps outlined at Request Access in WISEhome.

SECOND: Watch our video for navigating the new online High Cost Special Education Aid Claim Form and review the Instructions. Please note, there are instructions that the application links to WISEstaff and entering License EFN will populate with the instructor’s name. This functionality has not worked correctly, so you will need to enter both the License EFN and the instructor’s name.

THIRD: Chrome browser should be the only browser open. All other browsers should be closed when accessing the High Cost Special Education claim form. Our IT staff recommends clearing your browser before getting started. Here are the steps if you are not sure how to do that.

FOURTH: Available Thursday, April 8 - The High Cost Special Education claim application will be available in WiSFiP.

Make sure to select 2019-2020 from the dropdown!

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Potential Login Issue

Trying to log into the High Cost Special Education module and receiving some sort of security error? For some users, clicking on the "log in" link in the upper right corner of the home page results in such an error. To resolve the problem, clear your browser cookies, browse the home page again but click the "Start App" button alongside the High Cost Special Education text instead.


Student data in the High Cost Special Education Aid claim app comes from the 2019-20 year-end WISEdata submission. Many districts/LEAs reported days of attendance through mid-March; if you district/LEA was one of these then your students will show with 120-140 days of enrollment. As long as all students in your district/LEA were reported consistently (i.e. attendance for all students was based on the same 120-140 day period) then there is no net impact, as all the calculated daily rates for your students will come from the same period of time.



High Cost Special Education Aid provides additional support for school districts and other eligible LEAs serving students with disabilities whose needs are particularly significant and costly. Agencies apply for partial reimbursement of costs for individual students in the prior year.

This program provides additional special education aid to Wisconsin school districts, independent (2r/2x) charter schools, CESAs or CCDEBs. An LEA is eligible for aid when a student with disabilities has actual, additional, non-administrative costs of special education and related services in excess of $30,000, after certain reimbursements are excluded. High Cost Special Education Aid is administered under s. 115.881, Wis. Stats., and PI 30, Wis. Admin. Code. By law, an LEA cannot receive both High Cost Special Education Aid and Supplemental Special Education Aid.

Eligible Costs

Eligible costs are defined in the program guidance document.


High Cost Special Education Aid is a sum-certain appropriation in the state's biennial. The average reimbursement rate in FY20 for LEAs was 35 percent of each student's cost above $30,000.

Payment Details

2020-21 claims for 2019-20 students are due April 30, 2021. FY21 high cost allocation is $9,353,800. Payment is made on the third Monday in June. Revenue is coded to Fund 27, source 625.

Annual Claims

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Clearinghouse Rule 19-147

Proposed revision to PI 30 currently in its final stage of legislative review.

For questions about this information, contact Roselynn Bittorf (608) 267-9212