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Personnel and Staff Assignments


The primary audit resolution contact number for all Federal and State Grant Programs is (608) 266-1723 (FAX is (608) 267-9207). Someone from the Federal and State Grant Programs area will return your call as soon as possible.

Glenn Aumann (608) 266-3489

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Adult Literacy Grant   255.349
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs   255.306
AODA (s 115.36(a))   255.307
Bilingual - Bicultural   255.106
Early College Credit Program   118.55
Elks Easter Seals Ctr for Respite Recreation   255.906
Headstart Collaboration Private Aids 93.600  
Headstart Supplement   255.327
IDEA Preschool Entitlement 81.173  
Milwaukee Public Museum   255.920
Refugee School Impact 93.576  
Reporting for Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act    
Special Olympics   255.922
Title VI-B Rural and Low Income Schools 84.358  
Very Special Arts   255.921

Ryan Egan (608) 266-1723

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Bullying Prevention Grant   255.961
Personal Electronic Computing Devices   255.296
School Improvement Grants 84.377  
Title I-A Basic Program 84.010  
Title I-A State Program Improvement Focus 84.010  
Title I-A State Program Improv Supplemental 84.010  
Title I-D, Subpart 1 Corrections 84.013  
Title I-D, Subpart 2 Neglected and Delinquent Children 84.010  
Title II-B Math and Science Partnership 84.366  
Title IV-B 21st Century Community Learning Centers 84.287  
Tribal Language Revitalization Grants   255.364

Angeline Gaster (608) 264-9541

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Charter School Grant 84.282  
Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) 84.425D  
Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) 84.425C  
Title III-A English Language Acquisition 84.365  
Title III-A English Language Acquisition Discretionary 84.365  
Title IV-A Student Support and Academic Enrichment 84.424  

Jacqueline Jordee (608) 267-9134

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Charter School State Funding   255.109
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) 10.558  
CN School Food Equipment Grant 10.579  
College Possible   255.923
Federal Aid Vouchering    
Milwaukee Parental Choice Program   255.952
National School Lunch Program including NSL Snack Program 10.555  
Nutrition Improvement for Elderly   255.108
Precollege Scholarships   255.903
School Breakfast Programs 10.553  
Special Milk Program for Children 10.556  
Special Needs Scholarship Program   255.958
State Aid Vouchering    
State Match School Lunch Aid   255.102
State School Breakfast 15 cents Aid   255.344
Team Nutrition Grant 10.574  
Title II-A Formula Teacher and Principal Training 84.367  
USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program 10.582  
Wisconsin and Racine Parental Choice Program   255.951
Wisconsin Grant to Support Gifted and Talented   255.350
Wisconsin Reading Corp   255.924
Wisconsin School Day Milk Program   255.115

Mark Rudman (608) 267-9187

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Assessments of Reading Readiness   255.956
Career and Technical Education Incentive Grant   255.950
Carl Perkins Vocational Education Act 84.048  
Center For Disease Control 93.079  
Educator Effective Eval Sys Grants   255.940
IDEA D State Persnl Dev Grant (SPDG) 84.323  
IDEA Discretionary 84.027  
IDEA Flow Through Discretionary Grant 84.027  
IDEA Preschool Discretionary 84.173  
Library Services and Technology Aids 45.310  
Peer Review and Mentoring Grants   255.301
Robotics Lead Participation Grants   255.959
Rural School Teacher Talent Pilot Program   255.963
School Based Mental Health SV Grants   255.297
Special Education Transition Readiness Grant   255.257
Teen Parents Dropout Prevention 93.500  
Title I-C Migrant 84.011  
Title VII-B Education for Homeless Children and Youth 84.196  
Wisconsin School Violence and Bullying Prevention 16.560  

Najat Shorette (608) 266-6856

Program CFDA # State Grant #
Child and Adult Care Food Program 10.558  
DUNS Number Registration and Monitoring    
Federal Food and Nutrition Reporting    
Summer Food Service Programs for Children 10.559  
For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114