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Integration Aid


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Integration Aid is provided for pupils that transfer between attendance areas having certain concentrations of minority or non-minority pupil populations. Specifically, for each minority group pupil transferring from an attendance area where minority group pupils comprise 30 percent or more of the population to an attendance area which has less than a 30 percent minority pupil population, and a non-minority group pupil transferring from a non-minority attendance area (less than 30 percent minority) to a minority attendance area (30 percent or more minority).

Interdistrict Aid is paid for pupils transferring between districts and Intradistrict Aid is paid for pupils transferring within school district attendance areas.

2015-2017 Biennial Budget

Beginning with 2015 Wisconsin Act 55 (2015-17 Biennial Budget), only those students that participated in the program in 2014-15, those students already accepted for the 2015-16 school year and those students already attending in a K-8/UHS system in the 220 program are allowed to participate in 2015-16. No new students can enter the program.

Aid Computation


Districts that receive students across district lines are paid an Integration Aid amount from the state appropriation equal to its average net cost per pupil multiplied by the Full-time Equivalent membership (FTE) accepted by the district. Districts that send their resident students across district lines via the Interdistrict transfer program do not receive an Integration Aid payment from the state but are eligible to count students at .75 membership in the Equalization Aid and Revenue Limit computations.


Districts that transfer students within district lines between eligible attendance areas are paid an Integration Aid amount from the state appropriation that amounts to an additional one-quarter of its Equalization Aid per pupil for each FTE intradistrict transfer.

2015-17 Biennial Budget

2015 Wisconsin Act 55 (2015-17 Biennial Budget) created a hold harmless provision that ensures a district will receive a percentage of their 2014-15 aid entitlement (Inter and Intra Aid) while the program is being phased out. In the 2015-16 fiscal year, districts will be guaranteed 87.5 percent of their 2014-15 entitlement. The hold harmless percentage guarantee is reduced by 12.5 percent each subsequent year until it reaches zero percent in 2022-23.

Payment Details

Third Monday in June.

WUFAR Coding

Interdistrict revenues are coded to Fund 10, Source 616. Intradistrict revenues are coded to Fund 10, Source 615.

Statute Reference

Chapter 121, Subchapter VI, Special Transfer Aid (originally enacted by Chapter 220, Laws of 1975.)


Funded as a first draw through the general school aid appropriation under s.20.255 (2) (ac).

Annual Fiscal Program Reports (due from participating districts by October 15, 2023)

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