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Payment Worksheets

Note to Users of Office for Mac

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There are numerous compatibility problems with Excel 2011/2016 for Mac reading certain types of data executable files created with Windows versions of Excel. Until an alternative workbook format can be developed we will provide raw data files for Mac users to access their aid computation information.

Aid Payment Worksheets for School Districts, CESAs, CCDEBs and Independent Charter Schools

To view information for a specific Local Education Agency (LEA) select it from the pull-down list on a worksheet page.

Note: Starting in 2015-2016 the three worksheets have been combined into a single Excel workbook file. It can be downloaded in one of two versions: a macro-enabled (.xlsm) file that updates the other worksheets when a specific LEA is selected on one and a standard (.xlsx) file where each worksheet must be updated individually. If your IT system will not permit download of macro-enabled files, use the standard file.

Categorical Aid Computation and Payments by School Year

Click the appropriate link below for more information.

2018- 2019 Categorical Aid Computation and Eligibility

2017- 2018 Categorical Aid Computation and Eligibility

2016- 2017 Categorical Aid Computation and Eligibility

2015- 2016 Categorical Aid Computation and Eligibility

For questions about this information, contact Roselynn Bittorf (608) 267-9212