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Fiscal Reporting


The School Financial Services (SFS) team collects detailed Fund 27 data through WISEdata Finance (WDF) and, previously, through the Special Education Annual Report in the 1505-SE. Previous year reports may still be accessed in the SAFR reporting portal. Special education data is used to determine payment of state special education categorical aid (SPED) and to monitor compliance with the IDEA Maintenance of Effort requirements. 

Instructions for Completing the Special Education Reports

WISEdata Finance is Wisconsin's next-generation financial reporting system for school districts and other local education agencies (LEAs) to push financial data to DPI. The Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP) is the current platform for all school finance reporting and is being developed and expanded in conjunction with WISEdata Finance, as reports in the existing SAFR portal are retired.

Technical assistance for accessing data in the Special Education Annual Report. (coming soon)

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Additional Resources

Pupil Services Personnel Eligibility (formerly known as Act 221) Addendum Workbook

Excel workbook to prepare required data for the Pupil Services Personnel Eligibility addendum .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Special Education Reports

Additional information on entering special education data in the 1505-SE and WISEdata Finance. (coming soon)

GPO and GPI Corrections

Legacy presentation on completing the required entries for reconciliation of federal grant funds exchanged between aid-eligible LEAs. New guidance will be provided in WISEdata Finance for FY2025 reporting.


Independent and Non-Instrumentality Charter Schools (NICS)

Independent charter schools (ICS) are subject to the same manual audit program modification as districts, put into place due to ongoing challenges with ELO and staff reporting.

Non-instrumentality charter schools have special education expenses reported by their contracting districts. An Excel claim form is available for these schools to use in developing their expense submissions to districts. A copy of this form must be sent to  The NICS worksheet for prior year expenditures is due by October 1st.

Non-Instrumentality Charter Licensing and Cost Worksheet

For questions about this information, contact Rick Cruz (608) 266-8255, (608) 267-9114