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Hours of Instruction for Public Schools - Overview


school houseWisconsin Statute 121.02(1)(f)* specifies the number of hours of direct instruction a school district must provide during the school year. The standard also specifies exceptions to the statutory instruction requirements.

All students should have equal opportunity to a comprehensive education. By requiring a minimum number of hours of direct pupil instruction, students have increased access to learning. The number of hours selected for the minimum represents the statewide average of hours of instruction determined from past surveys of school districts.

*Each school board shall annually schedule at least 437 hours of direct pupil instruction in kindergarten, at least 1,050 hours of direct pupil instruction in grades 1 to 6 and at least 1,137 hours of direct pupil instruction in grades 7 to 12. Scheduled hours under this paragraph include recess and time for pupils to transfer between classes but do not include the lunch period. Scheduled hours under this paragraph do not include hours of direct pupil instruction offered during an interim session. Scheduled hours under this paragraph may include hours on Saturdays. A school board operating a 4-year-old kindergarten program may use up to 87.5 of the scheduled hours for outreach activities.

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