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Content and Learning Team

Team Directory


Rebecca Vail, Director, (608) 266-2364

Janice Mertes, Assistant Director, Digital Learning/Content and Learning, (608) 267-1054
Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan, Digital Leadership, WI Digital Learning Collaborative

Kevin Anderson, Education Consultant, (608) 266-3319
Science Education

Nancy Anderson , Education Consultant, (608) 267-9273
Advanced Placement and Gifted/Talented

Gemma Cynric-Veldey, Multimedia Designer, (608) 267-7855

Pamela Delfosse, Education Consultant, (608) 267-9265
International and World Languages Education

June Fox, Portfolio Manager, (608) 267-1286
ECIDS Race to the Top

Sherry W. Kimball, Education Consultant, (608) 266-9625
Early Childhood and 4- and 5-yr-old Kindergarten 

Chad KliefothDigital Learning Consultant, (608) 267-9289
Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan, Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship/Keeping Kids Safe Online

Steve Kretzmann, Education Specialist, (608) 267-9278
Community Education, Rural Education Achievement Program, Head Start Supplement

Ida Kukimiya, Office Operations Associate, (608) 267-9267
Advanced Placement, American Indian Studies, Fine Arts and Creativity, Gifted and Talented,
Title III, ELL, Refugee Children Grants, and Immigrant Programs

Audrey Lesondak, Education Consultant, (608) 266-7292
Title III, Effective Practices for ELLs, ESEA Monitoring, ELL Legal Requirements/ComplianceRefugee Children Grant, Immigrant Children and Youth

Jennie Mauer, Education Consultant, (608) 266-3319
Head Start

Candice McCann, Office Operations Associate, (608) 267-9274
Environmental Education, International EducationScienceSocial StudiesTitle III
Bilingual, ELLPresidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching,
U.S. Senate Youth Program

Kris McDaniel, Education Consultant, (608) 266-2207
Social Studies Education

David O'Connor, Education Consultant, (608) 267-2283
American Indian Studies

Julie Palkowski, Education Consultant, (608) 261-7494
Fine Arts and Creativity

Maureen Purcell, Education Specialist, (608) 267-9235
Title III, Bilingual-Bicultural Education (state aided program), LEP Data Collection,
Legal Requirements and Effective Practices for ELLs

Victoria Rydberg, Education Consultant, (608) 266-0419
Environmental Education

Christine Tiedje, Operations Program Associate, (608) 266-3706
Days and Hours of InstructionSchool Start Date,
Presidential Scholars Program, Team Director Support

Dan Toomey, Instructional Designer, (608) 267-9247
E-Learning and Multimedia Services


For questions about this information, contact Christine Tiedje (608) 266-3706