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Arts and Creativity


The arts are the areas of: Art and Design, Dance, Media Arts, Music, and Theatre.
Wisconsin students attending public schools have the opportunity to take part in arts areas throughout the state. The Wisconsin Education Standards j, k, and l promote the goal of providing quality experiences in music and visual arts within a student’s elementary school experience. In the middle and high schools, a variety of arts experiences are offered for the continued development of our student’s fine arts skills and knowledge.

The Department of Public Instruction works to support artistic and creative development by:

  • disseminating the Wisconsin’s Model Academic standards for each of the arts areas;
  • providing professional development resources to support student growth in the arts;
  • promoting and supporting the curriculum guide for each arts area;
  • providing creativity resources that highlight the research, use, and learning practices for multiple content areas;
  • pursuing common goals with state and national professional education organizations, and
  • working to build a highly qualified workforce to support student learning in artistic and creative practices.

Resources - Arts Content Areas


Other Resources

Arts Instructional Resources - Curated by the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) (Video)

COVID-19 Infection Control and Mitigation Measures for Wisconsin Schools 2021/2022- Follow general guidelines in arts learning. Please share your feedback about this matter by either email - or through the online contact form at

Family Guides for Art and Design, Dance, Music, and Theatre


DL Arts Rubrics - All arts areas for the six disciplinary literacy areas- writing, reading, thinking, listening, performing, and speaking.
WISELearn Resources Visual and Performing Arts

Wisconsin Arts Education

Wisconsin Arts Education- 2015-2016 Snapshot of Arts Education WI student participation





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