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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site for Creativity Education. The pursuit of creativity is an area in which we expand our learner’s opportunities in all content areas. Creativity can be defined in multiple ways. It starts with the freedom to imagine the possibilities, the flexibility to investigate options, and the opportunity to produce something to support that idea. Creativity is something that can occur within all content areas. 

The Department of Public Instruction works to support creativity in the classroom by:

  • disseminating the work of the Wisconsin Task Force on Arts and Creativity in Education,
  • providing professional development resources that highlight strategies to enhance imagination, creativity, and innovative thinking in each of the content areas.
  • providing creativity resources that highlight the research, use, and reflection in learning practices for multiple content areas.
  • pursuing common goals with state and national professional education organizations, and
  • working to build a highly qualified workforce to support student learning in creative practices.

Here are some initial resources and activities to help in your investigation of creativity.

For questions about this information, contact Christopher Gleason (608) 264.9554