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2024 Wisconsin Creativity Summit


What: 2nd Annual Wisconsin Creativity Summit
When: Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2024 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Cost: None
Audience: Educators, Administrators, School Board Members, Community Leaders, Artists
Registration OPENREGISTER HERE or below
4 Keynote Speakers - Ted Talk Style (20 minutes) followed by connected break out sessions with participant interaction (40 minutes)
Wisconsin School spotlighted for its work developing and cultivating creativity
Keynote Panel Discussion and Q & A
Optional opportunity for participants to create brief video testimonial sharing the impact creativity has had on their life and the importance of creativity to our future.
Meet The Guest Speakers:

James W



James Wells, Award-Winning Innovative Teaching and Learning Manager for Crayola Dr. S. Renee Mitchell, Creative Revolutionist, Pulitzer Prize nominee, IAmM.O.R.E visionary. Dr. Sarah Cunningham, Rhode Island School of Design Vice Provost for Strategic Partnerships


James Murray


Dr. Peter Gamwell, Administrator, Educator, Speaker, and Author of "The Wonder Wall" James Murray, Waukesha STEM Academy Principal, 2017 AWSA Principal of the Year Selected staff from the Waukesha STEM Academy
JOIN US for a fantastic day learning from nationally renown experts on creativity and education. Collaborate with others from across the state and nation focusing on practical ways to nurture creativity in classrooms, schools, libraries, and communities. Be inspired by an administrator and educators from a Wisconsin school that is recognized as a leader in cultivating creativity with their students. Take part in an opportunity to create a video sharing your story about the impact that creativity has had on your life and the importance of creativity moving forward.


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