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Media Arts Education

Media Arts Students

Media Arts involves ever-changing access and utilization of technology and processes to create, communicate, and investigate the arts. Media Arts programs, as in Art and Design Education, include Visual Thinking in the areas of:

  • Design (Utilitarian Art through environment design like architecture, landscape, urban planning, interior design, etc.; object design like products, furniture, transportation, fashion, appliances, etc.; information design like publications, websites, video, film, photography, etc.; and experience design like interactive exhibits, toys, games, events, theme parks, etc.)

  • Visual Communication (Information Art involving maps, charts, graphs, diagrams, media tools etc.)

  • Visual Culture (Everyday Art exploring one’s own and other’s culture which may involve crafts, festivals, costumes, mascots, lawn decorations, folk art, etc.)

  • Fine Art (Professional Art through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, media arts, and so on).

Specific information about programming and curriculum design is available through two publications - Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Art and Design (2000), and the Planning Curriculum in Art and Design (2013). The planning curriculum publication is available online. You may purchase a hard copy of the Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Art and Design (2000) at DPI Publication Sales or 800-243-8782.