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Digital Learning

Mission Statement

The Digital Learning and Technology Team provides leadership, service, and advocacy for equitable access to and effective use of information, resources, and instructional technology in Wisconsin PK-12 schools to ensure successful lifelong learning. The Team provides information and support to district administrators, educators, legislators, public interest groups, strategic partners, professional organizations, researchers, and media.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital Learning is any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the student learning experience. Digital learning encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and practice, including using online and formative assessment, increasing focus and quality of teaching resources and time, online content and courses, applications of technology in the classroom and school building, assistive technology for students with disabilities, hardware and software providing Universal Design for Learning (UDL), learning platforms, participating in professional communities of practice, providing access to high level and challenging content and instruction, and many other advancements technology provides to teaching and learning. (Alliance for Excellence in Education, 2013)

Future Ready and the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan

wdlp DPI has introduced new tools for districts to use to develop Digital Learning Action Plans (elements of technology plans), built around Wisconsin's Digital Learning Plan and the nationally recognized Future Ready Framework.  You can use these planning "power tools" to help you identify concrete steps that your district can take to build digital learning into your curriculum.

Keeping up to Date

sm The introduction to new information, the exchange of questions and answers, and the provision of other technical assistance by the DPI Digital Learning Team will continue to evolve as resources for planning, instructional support, policy updates, and financial programs for funding digital learning are created. Below you will find links to sites and social media accounts used by the DPI Digital Learning Team to share information and resources.

For questions about this information, contact Amanda Albrecht (608) 267-1071