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Online and Blended Learning

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An Explanation of Online and Blended Learning

As explained in Wisconsin's Digital Learning Plan, in order to be ready for college and career, today’s students need access to high-quality digital resources, virtual instruction, and technology-enhanced learning. Online learning provides a variety of options for leveraging innovative student learning experiences and technologies in order to meaningfully engage the digital generation.

Online learning refers to:

  • exclusively virtual instruction,
  • blended environments incorporating both virtual and face-to-face instruction, and
  • exclusively face to face instruction enhanced with online tools and resources.

Online learning can take place in:

  • a school building,
  • a student’s home,
  • a location within the community, or
  • some combination of the above.

Online learning can take place during:

  • time when school is in session
  • evenings/weekends/holidays, and
  • unscheduled school closures.
The inherent flexibility of online learning does not always conform with traditional understandings of classrooms, school buildings, class times, school days, or physical attendance. As a result, each variation of online learning requires careful consideration of the laws, rules, policies, and procedures shaping education in Wisconsin.
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