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Summer and Interim Sessions

Summer 2020 Online Instruction

DPI has published Emergency Rule 2003,  expanding the ability of public school districts to use online instruction for summer school and count instructional minutes for membership, in order to ensure districts have the flexibility they may need to address the uncertainties posed by COVID-19. The emergency rule went into effect on May 5, 2020 and is in place for the summer of 2020. It does not change the types of classes that can be offered through summer school, but rather allows districts to offer those classes in an online format for all grades K-12, including non-credit bearing high school courses. The statutory online option for credit-bearing courses in grades 7-12 remains available.

NEW 5/12/2020: Counting Minutes of Online Instruction for Summer 2020 Under PI 17 and Emergency Rule 2003


Summer membership for summer and interim session classes is reported to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) using the School Finance Reporting Portal. The following worksheets are completed and used for reporting the required information:

PI-1804 Downloadable Excel Worksheet

PI-1804 form and PI-1804 worksheet Summer and Interim Session Membership Reporting.

PI-1804-1805 Downloadable Excel Worksheet

Combines PI-1804 (Summer and Interim Session Membership) and PI-1805 (ITP Summary). PI-1805 is the form needed for reporting the summer school participation of students officially enrolled in the Integration Transfer Program (ITP - commonly referred to as the "Chapter 220" program). Only districts in the Milwaukee area are eligible for this program.

Note: Please use the "AcadCourse_Fee Reconciliation" tab in the Excel workbook above to reconcile student fee revenue and cost on a per course basis. Another tab, "7-12 Online Fee Reconciliation," is also available to the right for your use if needed.

For questions about this information, contact Roger Kordus (608) 267-3752, (608) 267-9114