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Membership Information and Reporting

Overview and Contact

Wisconsin public school districts are required to count pupils for membership purposes on the 3rd Friday in September and 2nd Friday in January and report the data to DPI. The PI-1563, an Internet-based application accessed via the School Finance Reporting Portal, is used to collect the information. Click the appropriate links below for more information.

Pupil Count Portals

The PI 1563 Pupil Count Portal for September of 2018-19 will open on Friday September 21st and will be temporarily closed at the end of the day on Friday, October 5, 2018 for the calculation of general aids. The Portal for the January 2019 count will open on the morning of Friday, January 11, 2019 and is scheduled to close at the end of the day on Friday, January 25, 2019.  Reminder:  If it is necessary during the school year to edit the September - 2018 PI-1563 data and the edit includes 9th grade students, make the needed adjustments on those webpages where that data is collected.  This data will impact your Personal Electronic Computing Device Grant in 2019-2020.

The 2017-18 membership reports will be closed for any editing as of September 29, 2018.

Editing Pupil Count Data for 2018-2019

The PI-1563 portals will remain open until approximately January 27, 2019. After the membership audit list has been announced for 2018-2019.  Send an email to Bruce Anderson  or Roger Kordus requesting the SFS team to open the portal along with an explanation of the changes that will be made. The district will then be advised via an email response when the portal will be open for revisions.

Alternate Count Date

There can be two basic scenarios, an unplanned situation or a planned event that would result in a school district requesting an alternative count date for the statutory required pupil counts: 3rd Friday in September or the 2nd Friday in January.

An unplanned situation, such as weather conditions or other unforeseen events that lead to the district not operating on the standard count date. The district will need to contact the School Financial Services Team and explain the situation. Please specify the alternative date that you are requesting. In most circumstances, the alternative date will be either the Thursday before or the Monday after the Friday count date. This request will be processed per Wis. Stat. § 121.05(3).

A planned event, approved by the school board where the district is closed and no students will be receiving instruction. The district will need to contact the School Financial Services Team and explain the situation. This request will be processed per Wis. Stat. § 121.05(3m). State law dictates the alternative date will be the 3rd weekday that follows the next school day on which school is in session. For example, school is closed on Friday and school resumes on the following Monday, the alternative count date will be on Thursday of that week.

If the standard pupil count date is the same day as the Board has approved a partial day such as; an early release or testing at certain grade levels. The pupil count will be taken on the 3rd Friday in September or the 2nd Friday in January and the district will use the “Before and After” rule regarding any student not present on the standard pupil count date.

If any pupils are absent but considered enrolled on the count date, they can still be counted if they have been present for instruction at least one day during the school year prior to the count date, at least one day during the school year after the count date, and have remained a resident during the time of absence. Students reported in the "absent" column must have returned to school in order to be included in the PI 1563 Pupil Count Report. If the student returns after the initial submission of the report, the report should be amended to include the student in the pupil count. (Source: Instructions for the PI 1563 Workbook and Pupil Count Report Revised 01/17)


Clarification Regarding Residency: Constitutional Requirements, Compulsory Attendance and Fiscal Implications For Students Living Away From Their Parents.

For questions about Sections I and II--including FAPE and compulsory attendance requirements--contact the Special Education Team at (608) 266-1781. For questions about Section III Fiscal Implications, contact the School Finance Team at (608) 267-9114.

Guidelines for Counting

To assist districts in accurately completing the pupil count report, the School Financial Services team has developed guidance on counting pupils. The PI 1563 Pupil Count Report Workbook Form is structured similarly to the internet based reporting program and it's recommended that new users review this spreadsheet prior to entering the portal application.

Counting students who have been granted "Senior Rule" status per Wisc. Stat. § 121.84(1)(b) will continue to be counted as a resident of that school district where the student continues to attend, per Wisc. Stat. § 121.84(1)(d).  

All non-resident part-time home-schooled pupils will be collected from within the PI-1563 in step five.  Remember that step five will collect data on NON-RESIDENT part-time home-schooled pupils and step three will continue to collect data on RESIDENT part-time home-schooled pupils.

Reconciliation of Pupil Counts

All districts are required to explain (reconcile) membership changes that occur between the September and January counts. The process involves identifying and documenting the specific membership additions and subtractions that have happened in each category (e.g. 4YK - 524.5 hours) between the two count dates. The completed reconciliation is to be kept on file at the district office and available for DPI and your independent auditor upon request. Supporting documentation should also be kept on file and available upon request.  

Note: The online tutorial Pupil Count Reconciliation is now available and details the 'why' and 'how to' of reconciling the September pupil count to the January pupil count.

Use the following Excel files to complete the reconciliation. Remember that the January PI-1563 Membership Report has to be submitted for January data to appear in this spreadsheet.

For questions about this information, contact Bruce Anderson (608) 267-9707, Roger Kordus (608) 267-3752