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Amendment Instructions for the Membership Report

Amendment Process

Districts wishing to amend their current pupil count report prior to the announcement of membership audits (usually late January or early February) may do so at anytime. Districts should access the appropriate pupil count report via the School Finance Reporting Portal, make the necessary changes and resubmit the report.

Districts wishing to amend their pupil count report after the audit notice is announced (usually late January or early February) will be required to follow alternate procedures.

Districts Required to Have a Membership Audit

The School Finance Reporting Portal will remain open to districts selected for membership audit. Districts are to make audit differences through the reporting portal by changing original data. The auditor is not allowed to make changes but rather may only print the "Audit Changes: Summary."

Once the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) receives the audited membership report, your district will be locked. If an amendment is required subsequent to the audit, follow the same procedures as districts not required to have a membership audit below. The auditor must concur in writing to any changes made subsequent to the audit.

Chapter 220 Audits

Any amendments will be reflected in the membership audit report submitted by your district auditor by the May due date.

Districts NOT Required to Have a Membership Audit

Any changes to the PI-1563 Pupil Count Report will be made by the district via the School Finance Reporting Portal. Please send an email to the SFS Team (or phone at (608) 267-9114) indicating which count date, what changes are to be made and why, and contact info. You will be contacted as to when the reporting portal will be open for you to make an amendment to the appropriate report. Be sure to press the submit button after completing the amendment process.