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Pupil Count PI-1563


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The PI-1563 collects the majority of information related to counting children for state formulae purposes, although not all. The following information pertains to the data collected within this application.


Pupil Count PI-1563: Membership Information and Reporting

Information and resources supporting pupil counts for membership purposes.

Pupil Count PI-1563: Membership Report Amendment Instructions

Instructions regarding how to amend the membership report.

Pupil Count PI-1563: Program Definitions

Provides district staff with background information that helps complete the PI-1563 report.

Pupil Count PI-1563: Student Categories

Students attending the school district can be assigned to one of nine student categories. This page provides a brief summary of each so individuals can better complete the PI-1563.

Pupil Count PI-1563: Part-Time Example

Provides an example of how part-time hours are determined as part of the PI-1563.

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