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Longitudinal Data - Membership

Equalization Aid Membership

The Wisconsin Equalization Aid formula uses a full-time equivalency (FTE) count of district resident students. FTE is the result of a computation that divides the amount of time for a less-than-full-time program by the amount of time normally required in a corresponding full-time program. For instance, one half-time kindergarten student would be counted as .5 and it would take two half-time kindergarten students to equal one full-time (FTE) student. Districts report to DPI their resident student counts and corresponding programs, and the information is then converted to FTE "membership" for use in the Equalization Aid computation.

Membership Definition

"Membership" is defined as the average of the resident FTE students enrolled on the third Friday of September and second Friday of January (including part-time attendance by home-based or private school students) plus the summer school and foster group home FTE.

Data Spreadsheet

The Multi-Year Survey of Equalization Aid Membership Excel file provides district Equalization Aid Membership data used in the formula from the 1982-83 school year through the 2017-18 aid year. Note that the Equalization Aid formula uses prior-year data; that is, 2016-17 FTE membership data is used to calculate Equalization Aid paid to school districts during the 2017-18 school year.

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