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SFS Data Warehouse Profile Report


The School District Three-Year Profile Report displays three years of school district data in four sections:

  • State Aid;
  • State Nutrition Aid;
  • Equalization Aid Related; and
  • Miscellaneous.

State Nutrition Aid Section

Actual aid amounts vouchered to school districts in the selected fiscal year. For instance, Equalization Aid amounts are from the October 15 Equalization Aid Certification, as adjusted by the Open Enrollment In/Out Transfer Amounts and any Revenue Limit Penalties. Amounts seen here are also found in Basic Facts Section E: Distribution of State Aid Dollars. For more information on individual aid programs, please see General and Categorical Aid Information.

Equalization Aid Related Section

Equalization Aid formula detail components from the October 15 General Aid Certification computation files for the selected year. The Equalization Aid formula uses prior-year data elements for cost, membership and value, so Aid Membership for 2013-14 is actually 2012-13 data. Another item of clarification is that Equal Aid/Shared Cost (percent) represents the pure formula ratio of a district's Equalization Aid to shared cost prior to any Choice, Charter Deductions and/or October-to-Final Aid Adjustments. For more information on the Equalization Aid formula, please see Basic Facts Section F: Equalization Aid.

Miscellaneous Section

Various statistics from the district's Revenue Limit computation for the selected year.

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