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SFS Data Warehouse Update Timelines

Data Availability

Various data elements are finalized at different times of the year. The following information provides a general timeline of when warehouse data elements are updated.

Comparative Cost/Comparative Revenue

Data for Comparative Cost and Revenue are taken from district annual reports submitted to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Reports are submitted in August of any given year and contain activity for the fiscal year just ended on June 30. During the winter months, DPI audit staff review submitted data. After the audit process is complete, Comparative Cost and Revenue measures are calculated from the audited data and uploaded to the warehouse, usually in late spring.

October 15 General Aid Certification

(Equalization, Integration, Intragration and Special Adjustment Aids) - General Aid for each school district is computed and certified on October 15 each year. Various formula components used in that computation are loaded into the School District Profile Report (Equalization Aid Related) section shortly after October 15.

State Aid Payments to School Districts

Aid amounts listed in the School District Profile Report represent actual, vouchered amounts for the district. In early June, the October 15 General Aid Certification amounts are adjusted by Open Enrollment In/Out Transfer Amounts and Revenue Limit Penalties to determine the amounts to be vouchered in June and July. Final General Aid and other state aid program vouchers are uploaded into the warehouse in late summer.

Tax Levy Certification

Current-year school district levies are available and uploaded in late November each year.

Final Revenue Limit Information

Final Revenue Limit compliance is computed in May each year and uploaded shortly thereafter.

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