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The School Financial Services (SFS) team provides a collection of statistical information about Wisconsin’s elementary and secondary public school districts.

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Basic Facts

A yearly publication containing financial and other data and information about Wisconsin's school districts.

How to Change a Name on a SAFR Certification Page

Instructions on how to change a name on a SAFR Report Certification page.

Comparative Cost/Revenue

Individual district information for Comparative Cost and Revenue to be used for interdistrict comparisons.

School Financial Services Data Warehouse

Resources associated with the SFS data warehouse.

Longitudinal Data

Multi-year Excel spreadsheets containing most-requested data elements.

Production Worksheets

Prior-year worksheets containing school finance information, such as the October 15 Aid Certification, Final Revenue Limits, etc.

School Finance Maps

Variety of resources associated with SFS maps.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 267-9114