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Equalization Aid - Section F of Basic Facts

Wisconsin State Equalization Aid

Wisconsin State Equalization Aid is general financial assistance to public school districts for use in funding a broad range of school district operational expenditures. The purposes for which general aid can be used are not restricted as they would be in a categorical aid program. Categorical aids must be used for a specific purpose or category of program, whereas general aid may be used for any expenditure the district deems necessary.

By October 15 of each year, Equalization Aids for the current fiscal year are computed with the most accurate data available from the prior fiscal year Annual Report, September and January Membership Reports and equalized property valuations as certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for the prior calendar year. Resulting aid amounts--modified by the prior year final aid eligibility adjustments--are paid to districts during the current fiscal year.

In June, final current year aid eligibility is computed using audited district information. Differences in computed aid amounts between October and June become the final aid eligibility adjustments and are applied to the September payment in the following fiscal year.

For an explanation on how Equalization Aid is computed, see Equalization Aid

Equalization Aid Listings Printed in Basic Facts, Section F

General aid files (October certifications) provided in Adobe PDF format.