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Comparative Revenue Per Member

Section D of Multi-Year Edition of Basic Facts

Revenue measures themselves cannot indicate the extent or quality of a particular district's educational program. Users of this data are therefore encouraged to pursue the reasons for differences between districts. Click an appropriate link below for more information.

Comparative Revenue Excel Data Files

The account methodology for the current Comparative Revenue calculation (as well as those for prior years) can be found in the Excel links below.

Note: Effective with the 2007-08 computation, Comparative Revenue was changed to reflect revenues for just district residents. Prior to this change, both resident and non-resident revenues appeared in the Comparative Revenue numbers. This change was done to bring Comparative Revenue into congruence with the methodology used for Comparative Cost, which reflects costs for district residents (see Comparative Cost and Revenue for a discussion of "Membership").

Accounts used in the Comparative Revenue Calculation

Multi-Year Comparative Revenue Summary Data File

Multi-Year Comparative Revenue Detail Accounts Data File

Single-Year Comparative Revenue Pie Charts

The links below allow users to create pie charts using audited Annual Report data, as rolled up into Comparative Revenue breakdowns. Note that single-year comparisons between districts may be misleading if any of the districts in question incurred an unusual revenue in any given year. Users are encouraged to research the reasons behind data anomalies before using these charts.

The eight-district worksheet prints on two pages while four pie charts/data tables to one page. Given the variability of revenue data across districts, data label placement within the pie chart for some districts may be less than optimal. Should you wish to adjust the data label placement on any pie chart, the worksheet will allow for this as is has been left unprotected:

  • click once on the label to be adjusted;
  • click a second time and hold over the identified label until a grey-lined box appears around the label; then
  • release the mouse button and point/click the mouse at the box edge, dragging to the desired position.

One-District Comparative Revenue Pie and Data Charts:

Eight-District Comparative Revenue Pie and Data Charts:

Single-Year Summary Data Files

Comparative Revenue/Cost Homepage

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