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Gifted and Talented Pupils




7/2023 The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has now awarded grants to 14 districts or agencies to support the education of gifted/talented students throughout the state. The total amount for these 14 awards is $474,400, which became available after the 2023-25 state budget was passed.

The purpose of the Gifted and Talented Student Education Grant is to provide gifted and talented pupils those services and activities not ordinarily provided in a regular school program, so they are able to fully develop their capabilities. The grantees will be providing systematic and continuous learning opportunities for K-12 students with gifts and talents in one or more of the gifted domains: general intellectual, specific academic, creativity, leadership, and the visual and performing arts.

The grantees for 2023-24 are as follows:

CESA 1 - $29,626; CESA 5 - $18,478; CESA 7 - $36,191; CESA 10 - $21,248; CESA 11 - $50,654; CESA 12 - $33,250; Elmbrook Schools - $23,498; GSAFE - $65,000; Howard-Suamico - $28,032; Madison Metropolitan Schools - $65,000; Menominee Indian - $28,500; The Center for Advanced Academics - $31,706; University of Wisconsin-Madison/WCER - $10,000; Wisconsin Rapids - $33,217.

1/2021 Updated Targeted Screener List

An updated listing of targeted screeners for identification of gifted and/or talented students has been posted to this website. For more information, go to Identify Student Needs and use the link on that page for the Targeted Screener PDF document.

Resources for Students, Educators, Caregivers & Families

Regardless of where learning is happening--in-person, physically distanced, or virtual--the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) vision for student learning remains unchanged. We want all learners in Wisconsin to be engaging with the skills, knowledge, and habits that will support them in graduating from high school academically prepared and socially and emotionally competent. In an effort to promote meaningful learning experiences in the gifted domains of creativity and leadership, linked are the Creativity and Leadership infographics with ideas and questions for how to promote learning in those two areas.

Scholarship/Internship/Miscellaneous Information

The Wisconsin Association for Talented & Gifted has a number of different scholarship opportunities. More information about each one can be found at WATG Scholarships

Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator Licenses

Wisconsin offers add-on Gifted and Talented Teacher and Coordinator licenses. To receive either license, you must already hold a valid Wisconsin teaching license in another subject area. There are approved programs at UW-Whitewater - see license program , UW-Stevens Point - see license program, and Concordia University - see license program