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American Indian Studies Program

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American Indian Studies Program

Aaniin / Aho / Bozho / Koolamalsi / Pōsōh / Shekóli

Hello or Greetings in Ojibwe / Hocak / Potawatomi / Mohican / Menominee / Oneida

The American Indian Studies Program exists primarily to assist with the implementation of the curricular requirements in the areas of American Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty. The program is also responsible for American Indian Language and Culture Education.

Program staff:

David J. O’Connor finds personal reflection and storytelling essential to learning about Wisconsin’s First Nations

As the American Indian Studies Consultant at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, David J. O’Connor connects with educators to provide support for their understanding of the histories, cultures, and tribal sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations of Wisconsin. 

For further information to hear about the work David J. O'Connor engages on with educators, please refer to the following articles from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: 

American Indian Students and Items of Religious and Cultural Significance

The following four letters were sent in May 2024, May 2022, May 2019, and September 2017 that addresses an issue that has come up repeatedly in conversations with tribal nations: American Indian students being prohibited from wearing items of religious and cultural significance.
As noted in each letter, it is our hope that schools or districts take this opportunity to review their policies and reach out to the sovereign tribal nations near them.
If you have any questions about either of these two letters above, feel free to contact David O’Connor, American Indian Studies Consultant, at or (608)267-2283.

Upcoming Events

Calendar page icon Local, Regional, State, and National Events Related to American Indian Studies & Education 

There are a variety of local, regional, state and national organizations that sponsor conferences, meetings, and trainings that may be of interest to those working in the area of American Indian studies or education. These professional development opportunities range from one day to a week long, the items listed on the icon or the Calendar of Events section above provide a rich diversity of events and opportunities for those interested in this work.

For questions about this information, contact David O'Connor (608) 267-2283