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Articles, Journals, Reports, and Research

On this webpage, you will find a variety of national and academic resources about educational and other factors that impact American Indian/Alaska Native students, families, communities and tribal nations.  Additionally, you will find links to dedicated search engines that will facilitate finding other resources.

Articles for American Indian Studies and Native Education Research

While educational practices, especially around teaching and learning, have moved towards a reliance on research-based and scientifically proven strategies, information related to the best practices for instruction of American Indian students continues to be developed and grow overtime. The following hyperlink you will find resources regarding the effective teaching of American Indian students. REL Central Information Request: Compilation of Abstracts Effective Teaching of American Indian Students.

Journal and Magazine Databases for American Indian Studies and Native Education Research

In addition to the above resources, there are multiple journal and magazine databases that have been created over the past decade. These journals and magazines provide up to date and recent information about the best practices for the education and instruction of American Indian students, as well as ongoing development of American Indian studies.

National Research Studies and Statistical Reports

Below are specific reports and studies that summarize the progress of American Indian students in terms of their instruction and academic achievement. These research studies and statistical reports help provide foundational information about American Indian students ranging from early childhood education, 4K-12 and higher education outcomes.

Search Engines and Academic Databases

While there are many search engines available, the resources listed below have a specific education focus or are more specific to research that will lead to academic and other research sources.  By accessing these resources, you can search for American Indian Studies, Native education research, evaluation, and policy materials.

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