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Literacy and Mathematics

Team Mission

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The Literacy and Mathematics team provides leadership and support for meaningful teaching and learning in the areas of English language arts, mathematics, and literacy.  In collaboration with stakeholders, the team engages in resource development, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and leadership in ways that promote equity and advance learning for all students.

Capacity Building

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Expand capacity to foster high quality teaching and student learning by positioning WI education professionals as engaged learners


How will the Literacy and Mathematics team build capacity?

  • Elevate teacher voice and expertise

  • Use a "train the trainer" model for professional development materials

  • Leverage existing statewide networks and DPI teams

  • Partner with recognized professional associations

  • Encourage individual educators to recognize their role in creating systemic change that promotes deep content knowledge and equity

Resource Development

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Collaboratively develop and promote practices and resources to further  equity through high quality teaching


How will the Literacy and Mathematics team develop and promote resources?

  • Make intentional decisions guided by academic standards, equity, data, and educational research to determine priorities for resource development
  • Stay apprised of national research and policy directions
  • Promote development and collection of resources and lessons from local, state, and national sources
  • Make connections between the Literacy and Mathematics team’s work and state education priorities

Knowledge Sharing

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Seek, share, and co-construct knowledge with Wisconsin education professionals regarding standards-based teaching and learning


How will the Literacy and Mathematics team share knowledge?

  • Strategically select opportunities to seek, share, and co-construct knowledge through face-to-face and virtual opportunities

  • Partner and share information with DPI colleagues and instructional leaders

  • Leverage and promote ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and frameworks for learning and sharing

  • Communicate beyond traditional educational communities


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Position the LM team/DPI as a recognized leader and thought partner in the area of standards-based teaching and learning


How will the Literacy and Mathematics team exercise leadership?

  • Build coalitions that support standards-based teaching and learning
  • Position Wisconsin as a leader in national conversation
  • Serve as liaisons to state professional associations and projects
  • Make explicit connections between DPI priorities and content-specific work internally and externally

Wisconsin's Vision for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Wisconsin's Vision for English Language Arts

Wisconsin Vision for Mathematics

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