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Supports for Technical Assistance Providers

Extended school disruptions require a focus on how to plan for and deliver high-quality, standards-aligned instruction in ELA and math that will accelerate learning and prevent ELA and math learning lags. They also require support in delivering high-quality, standards-aligned instruction in a remote or hybrid learning environment. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has partnered with national partners Instruction Partners and Teaching Lab to provide technical assistance, coaching, and guidance to meet those needs, relying on guidance found in Wisconsin’s Learning Forward plan and the CCSSO restart and recovery plan, which includes identification of priority ELA and math instructional content that will accelerate learning and prevent ELA and math learning lags.

When instruction time is particularly limited, this document explains and identifies Priority Instructional Content in ELA and Mathematics to meet students' current and future (college and/or career readiness) needs.

On this page, you will find the curated recordings of technical assistance and guidance created by Instruction Partners and Teaching Lab for Wisconsin schools and districts.

Supporting resources for the webinars are here.

Renewing Vision and Structures

Revisiting Assessments and Grading

Reconsidering Academic Policies and Improvement Cycles

Reviewing Curricular Features and Expectations for Use