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Wisconsin's Standards for Science and Implementation Resources

Wisconsin Standards for Science (WSS)

Wisconsin Standards for Science CoverIn November of 2017 Wisconsin adopted new standards for science. Thanks to the hard work of the standards committee! Districts have the option to use the Wisconsin Standards for Science (WSS), the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) on which they were based (video detailing the similarities and differences), or other locally determined standards.

Wisconsin Standards for Science (pdf)
Wisconsin Standards for Science (.doc)

WSS (and NGSS) Implementation and Learning Resources

Learning Resources - includes online modules, webinars, and classroom videos to support learning about the WSS (and NGSS)

Scope and Sequence - resources to build a K-12 science curriculum plan for your district, as required by law

Leadership Resources - implementation tools and learning resources tailored to administrators, instructional coaches, department chairs, and other science curriculum leaders

Language Learning - The 2020 WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, adopted by the state of Wisconsin in May 2021, emphasizes that "multilingual students are best served when content and language are taught together in culturally and sustaining ways" (WIDA, 2020). Students should be learning scientific language through dialogue with other students, such as emphasized in these STEM4EL tools. There is a lot of synergy between the WIDA ELDS and the new science standards, as detailed in this resource from CESA 2

National Academy's Framework for K-12 Science Education - this foundational document provides background information by grade level on the content, practices, and crosscutting concepts throughout our standards. A helpful read to understand 3D instruction ideas and progressions in our standards. 

Appendix A of the WSS - ideas for Wisconsin connections related to the disciplinary core ideas (content) in these standards, as well as related engineering extensions. Thank you to the Standards Writing Committee for creating this list. 

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